Wix is one of the most flexible website builders that allow users to quickly create a site from hundreds of designed templates.

  • Paid subscriptions starting at $13
  • Many design options including video backgrounds & animations
  • Most used website builder on the market
4.6 / 5
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Wix is a very prominent player in the website building domain. The Wix website builder allows you to create a promotional page, blogging site, a portfolio site, a landing page, and much more than that! When you use Wix, you also have access to more than 500 design templates to construct your website. Furthermore, users can also get extra functionality when they use applications offered by Wix, such as the Wix app market.

Keep reading to learn about everything there is to know about Wix.

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Who is Wix For?

The Wix Website Builder is a fantastic option to create personal portfolios, simple information websites, landing pages, blogs, online stores, and landing pages.

The Wix builder is an ideal choice for you if you are:

  • A blogger who would like to set up a blog to share your ideas with the rest of the world
  • A medium or small-sized business that requires an aesthetically appealing website but does not
    want to invest too much time and money in it
  • An artist, musician, fashion designers or stylist who wants to create a creative portfolio or gallery to draw new customers.


Security features

All Wix websites built with the Wix builder come with SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) security certificates that are built-in. What SSL means is that your website’s visitors will know the website they are surfing is a safe courtesy to the padlock icon that shows up adjacent to your URL.

There is also an autosave feature that easily allows you to restore your website lest something goes

Web Hosting

When you use Wix, your website is hosted free of cost immediately after you click “Publish.” You can also get more bandwidth and storage if you upgrade to one of the Wix’s Premium Plans available.

Email Features

There is no denying that you can create a very positive professional impression if you possess a business email address. When you use Wix, you get a work email address (Gmail) for every individual team member or every team. This is a very effective way to show your consumers that they are corresponding with the right individual.

Wix Dashboard

Wix provides users with a toolset to manage your business and website. You can easily gain access to these tools from the dashboard of your website. After completing the setup procedure, your dashboard displays helpful information pertaining to your business or website. For instance, you will be able to see your ticket sales summary if you are using Wix Events to sell tickets.

Other notable features include Wix Website Editor, Wix App Store, Email Marketing Customizable designs and templates, image editor, and live chat option.

How to Use the Wix Website Builder?

Would you like to learn how to use Wix? By following these six simple steps, you can easily create a website using the Wix Website Builder

1. Register and Sign up for the free Wix website builder. Select what kind/type of website you would like to create.

2. Pick the template that you want (Wix website builder offers numerous pre-designed templates). You can then customize it as per your requirements

3. Drag and drop any of the design features which you like using the drag and drop editor. You can add text, videos, vector art, galleries, and much more.

4. After you are done with the basic design work of your website, you can use the builder to add a booking system, online store, and relevant blogs.

5. Click on Publish. Congratulations! Your website is now live! You can now begin building up your professional presence online.

6. Make use of marketing solutions and advanced Search Engine Optimization tools to drive traffic towards your website.

Wix Ecommerce

You can sell anything from cakes to clothing using the Wix Ecommerce system. You can even get Wix support for digital products such as eBooks and audio files. Like any ecommerce platform, Wix Ecommerce offers all the standard features (and then some!).

When talking about Wix Ecommerce, Wix boasts an easy-to-use drag and drop interface and dashboard, which is ideal for beginners. There is also an app market that you can use to include things such add ons, receipts, and contact forms.

You can also easily add a product page, including images, and integrate social media on your Ecommerce website.

Moreover, the Wix Ecommerce system allows you to add product galleries and put in a Buy button. After someone makes a purchase, a “thank you” message also pops up, and the checkout process is very secure and seamless as well.

Packages and Pricing

Wix is available free of cost for as long as you need it. However, you have to choose from one of Wix’s premium plans if you require professional features such as ecommerce or your domain name. These Wix pricing plans range from “VIP” to “Combo.” The most economical plan that is ad-free and comes with a custom domain name sets you back by 13 dollars per month. The other current pricing plans include:

Subscription Level
Combo Unlimited Pro VIP
$13/mo $17/mo $22/mo $39/mo


The primary difference between the plans is the storage capacity you get. The more expensive the plan you get, the more storage you have.

Wix.com Reviews

According to our research, most of the users consider Wix the best website builder available in the market. The Wix’s drag-and-drop editor has especially earned a tremendous amount of praise. Most users also unanimously agree that Wix is ideal for anything ranging from small business websites to personal online portfolios. Click here to read our professional in-depth review of Wix.


Is Wix Good for Blogging?

There is no doubt that Wix is a great blogging platform. Boasting scores of easy to use drag and drop templates, Wix a fantastic free blogging site to begin a brand new blog.

Is Wix Really Free?

You can avail of all the basic features of the Wix builder free of cost; however, if you are looking for professional features such as own domain name, you have to select one of Wix’s premium paid plans.

Does Wix Host Websites?

Yes. When using Wix, you get free and secure web hosting.

Does Wix Have a Live Chat?

You can add a Wix chat to your website's editor. This lets your visitors get in touch with you whenever you are online. You can also initiate a chat yourself with your website visitors when they are checking out your site.