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Wix combines robust features with the most user-friendly platform, making it one of the most desirable website builders on the market.

  • Free trial & paid plans starting at $13
  • Choose from over 500 read-to-use design templates.
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4.6 / 5
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Outperforming its rivals with a plethora of templates and a great selection of feature-filled plugins, as well as eye-catchy Super Bowl adverts, Wix easily tops in the website builder market. The Wix website editor builder is optimized for users with different experience levels due to its simplistic drag-and-drop editor and the support for raw code insertion in pages. Hence, novices and experts alike will not feel out of place regarding the customizability of their sites. However, the Wix website maker comes with its fair share of downsides which range from the lock-in on templates to the questionable responsiveness of pages. That said, Wix is worth a try should you want to craft an alluring website within no time and this Wix website review will tell you just why.

What is Wix?

The Wix website creator is a cloud-based drag-and-drop builder that has become synonymous with DIY web building. It comes with an impressive assortment of professionally-designed templates that are neatly arranged in different categories for easy viewing and selection. There are two commonly used ways of building Wix websites, the ordinary template customization and the “lazier” option of having the site entirely built by the Wix ADI, an AI web creation tool. Wix ADI is ideal for the time-starved or non-tech savvy users that wish to recuse themselves from the website development phase in totality. Nonetheless, the AI builder gets the job done in a few minutes, provided that the user answers the prompts required to put the site together.

The more conventional way of creating a site with Wix is by picking a theme and making modifications to the pre-made sections on different pages. The editor gives almost complete freedom in manipulating objects on each page with the ability to move sections, change fonts, font sizes, and colors, and add subtle animation effects. A variety of elements can be added to the pages and when extra features, such as booking or online transactions, are required, the Wix App Market comes in handy with hundreds of plugins. These apps are offered as free or premium add-ons and they bring pro-level functionalities to a basic website in just a few clicks.

Pros and Cons

  • Templates – A key selling point for Wix in the web builder market is the availability of many high-quality templates ready for customization by users. The templates feature popular design trends across different niches and their aesthetic appeal is unquestionable. With many free options to choose from, it is almost guaranteed that all users will find a template that meets their preferences.
  • Flexibility in design – Wix gives users almost no limitations in the design of pages. Elements can be dragged, resized, and re-arranged to the user’s liking without any challenges. Experts in web development can insert code directly on the pages if the standard editor does cater for provide their required level of customization. Safe to say, design possibilities are somewhat endless with Wix.
  • Intuitiveness – The drag-and-drop interface makes using Wix easy with the ability to add and modify elements at pixel-level precision. Guiding lines and the snapping feature makes it a breeze to change the position and arrangement of objects or entire sections on a page. Making modifications to text is simple due to the pop-up menu that presents the familiar Word-processor features.
  • Animation effects – Wix allows developers to add liveliness to their sites with a handful of animation effects for text, images, and sections. If used conservatively and purposefully, features such as parallax, zoom-in, and fade-in can spark the wow effect on visitors. However, if overused, animations can slow down a site or motivate visitors to exit from it.
  • Apps – Even though the number of apps on Wix is already surpassed by its closest competitors, the Wix App Market provides most of the additional functionalities most people will ever need on your site. The integration of third-party add-ons is also quite easy, which is a big advantage over the said competitors.
  • Blog – At the click of a button, you can add a blog to your website. Wix blog reviews have been highly positive due to the neat presentation of content and easy manageability and from first-hand experience, we totally agree.
  • Questionable responsiveness – Wix templates look dazzling on standard computer monitors; however, due to the use of absolute positioning instead of responsive design, there is no guarantee that they will snap to all screen sizes. Thus, the dreaded horizontal navigation bars could show up on some screens.
  • Wix branding on a premium plan – Wix still slaps their non-removable attribution ad banners on websites created on the basic premium package, something that its competitors abandon once a user upgrades from freemium plans.
  • Template lock-in – It is impossible to switch between Wix templates once you have created a site. This implies that you have to redo your site if you want to apply another template.
  • Customer service experience – Perhaps a downside of having so many users on one platform the burden of handling many customer assistance requests. Thus, Wix does not have the best customer experience for users seeking urgent resolution. Customers have complained of having to wait for lengthy periods just to get in touch with an agent. In other Wix website reviews, the builder has been rated poorly just because of this downside.

Is Wix easy to use?

Wix is renowned for its excellent usability due to its simplified user interface. It is almost effortless to utilize the templates, drag-and-drop editor, and apps while designing a website. Further, with Wix ADI, absolute beginners can have their sites built by an AI engine.

Is Wix really free?

Yes, but there are premium plans that offer a lot more features than the free package.

The sign up process

The sign-up process on Wix is straightforward. You can sign up using email or just link your Facebook or Gmail account to the builder.

Billing & Pricing

The builder’s costs are fairly manageable because Wix plans are very competitive in the market as shown in the table below.

Connect Combo Unlimited VIP
Pricing (per month)
$4.50 $8.50 $12.50 $24.50
1GB 2GB Unlimited Unlimited
500MB 3GB 10GB 20GB
Free Domain (1yr)
No Yes Yes Yes
Analytics Integration
No No Yes Yes
Wix Ads
No No No Yes

Should you want to go the eCommerce way, Wix costs for businesses and entrepreneurs are fair as shown in the following pricing plans:

Business Basic Business Unlimited Business VIP
Pricing (per month)
$17.00 $25.00 $35.00
Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
20GB 35GB 50GB


The Wix website builder offers an unconfined web development space to craft a site to one’s liking without limitations. A big plus for novices is the ability to have an AI machine design the site based on responses to a few questions. The huge selection of templates, simplicity of the drag-and-drop editor, and availability of advanced functionalities through third-party apps seems to charm many users as Wix tops the web builder market. Besides, the Wix eCommerce package adequately caters for online sellers. The major downsides with the builder include the inability to switch between templates, limited responsiveness of templates, and delays in customer service. Thus, the verdict of this Wix review is that, the builder lives up to its name due to its usability, template and app selection, as well as customizability, hence it is highly recommended.