BigCommerce is more than just a website builder, it is an advanced solution intended for large eCommerce stores.

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  • Dashboard provides an all-in-one store management and marketing solution

BigCommerce is so much more than just one of the best online store website builders on the market. If you check out numerous BigCommerce reviews, you will quickly find they have a lot to offer. This platform was designed to help you create a complete online store.
You can establish your store, building the total website and adding products on this platform. Then you are free to conduct business on your website and make money through your online store. This platform is designed for large businesses and businesses that grow quickly.

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Who is BigCommerce for?

BigCommerce is not necessarily right for every single business with an online store. The fact of the matter is that BigCommerce is a tool. This tool may not be worth it for your business if you do not expect rapid growth or are not already a large business.

The title speaks for itself. “BigCommerce” is for big e-commerce traffic. If your business is fast-growing and you’re ready to jump in full force, BigCommerce is an ideal platform that can help you boost your business and success.


BigCommerce has a terrific list of features available on their platform. What do you look for when choosing the best eCommerce website builder? Most likely, BigCommerce has that and more.
Here are some of the more noteworthy features of BigCommerce:

Security Features

The web can be a scary place. Identity theft, fraud, and scams continue to run rampant. Your customers want to know their private information will not be left vulnerable when they utilize your online store.
Through BigCommerce, security measures are enforced and required to establish the ability to take payment options. In fact, the various browsers require certain security measures in order to add protection for consumers.
Here are some of the security features you can expect to see: HTTPS for an encrypted URL, SSL certificates to encrypt data, data signatures to protect data such as credit card information, firewalls, spam filters, virus protection, and domain name privacy.

Hosting Features

BigCommerce has a lot to offer their hosts. In all honesty, you don’t want to pay the big bucks for such a platform if they don’t have a lot to offer.

Most Notable Hosting Features

  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • Fast content delivery network (no one wants a slow site)
  • Shared SSL certificates
  • Purchase or transfer SSL certificates
  • Ability to purchase new domain names
  • Ability to use a current domain name
  • Storage
  • Networking capabilities
  • Email Features

BigCommerce has multiple email functions available. You can send customer emails, including sales and promotions. You can send forwards and troubleshooting emails. BigCommerce allows you to send shipping overviews.
Through BigCommerce you can set up forwarding addresses and start receiving emails under your store’s domain name immediately.


The dashboard on BigCommerce is an all-in-one dashboard. You can download a desktop app that gives you the all-in-one features as well. Track things such as revenues, orders, product sales, and customer information. These are just a few examples. There is much more available.
With the All-In-One dashboard, you also get access to tools like Google Analytics, Google AdWords, Social media, and email tools in one simple spot.

Cloud Features

BigCommerce has storage and cloud capabilities. BigCommerce integrates with Google Cloud to provide storage and security. Using the Cloud storage capabilities will give your site extra security, extra high-speed capabilities, and DDoS protection.


E-commerce is the heart of the matter. The purpose behind BigCommerce is the ability to participate in e-commerce transactions. The e-commerce capabilities that BigCommerce offer makes the platform versatile. These unique and identifiable features make them one of the best e-commerce website builder platforms available.

Miscellaneous Additional Features

What we’ve covered is just the tip of the iceberg. BigCommerce offers so much more. Through this platform, you will be able to drive traffic, securely host consumers, design your store, ship & fulfill orders, integrate with apps, sell products globally, and have support available.

Getting Started with BigCommerce

Using BigCommerce is pretty simple if you’re at all familiar with website building. Chances are if your business is to the point BigCommerce is right for you, then you have some practice with website building. When you look at Shopify vs. BigCommerce, you can see that they have a lot in common.

On the flipside, BigCommerce is also a step above in many ways. This is what makes them suited to high-volume businesses.

To get started with BigCommerce, you can access a free trial. You will find extensive BigCommerce support available, including tools to give you a tour and helping you get started on your business.

Packages & Pricing

BigCommerce allows you to try them out for free. The free trial gives you the chance to get a feel for the platform. They have a variety of plans and costs can be affected by the sales volume in the platform as well.
The packages include Standard, Plus, Pro, and Enterprise. Standard starts at $29.95 a month while Pro is upwards of $250 a month. Enterprise requires having a conversation to get custom pricing details. BigCommerce promises to give you a better price than Magento and Shopify Plus for this option.


You can find an extensive array of BigCommerce reviews with a simple web search. BigCommerce is highly-rated. Reviews state that they offer a premium selection of tools in comparison to other platforms. Additionally, the SEO tools and integration capabilities are optimal for boosting a business. You can read our detailed BigCommerce website builder review here.

Bottom Line

Overall, BigCommerce has a lot to offer their customers. This platform is not really intended for beginners. It is an advanced solution that has numerous tools at your disposal. Despite the advanced features of the platform, it truly is set up to help a business perform optimally.