BigCommerce Review

An advanced website builder for eCommerce stores looking for an a-in-one platform.

  • Price starting at
  • Ideal for growing or large operations
  • Advanced security features

When it comes to building an online store, the challenge can be overwhelming. Whether you are an experienced online store owner or just breaking into the market, you need experts you can trust. Every online store requires a platform.

In that manner, BigCommerce is reportedly one of the best e-commerce website builder platforms available. Their online store capabilities are almost incomparable when you consider their extensive list of features available.

Table of Contents

Pros and Cons

When it comes to comparing hosting platforms for your online store, you need a simple approach. What do we mean by that? We mean you need to be able to see the facts in an understandable way that won’t require you to complete days upon days of research.

That’s why we’re here! We’ve dove into the facts about BigCommerce and we’re here to share that with you.

Let’s start by covering the pros and cons of using BigCommerce.

  • Built-in hosting functionality
  • Payment integration tools
  • SEO and marketing in advanced format
  • Extensive security measures
  • Acts as the platform for more than 90,000 online stores
  • Manage your entire business in one simple space
  • Extensive customer service and support available
  • Ability to make sales globally
  • BigCommerce is an advanced platform that may be challenging for beginners but there are numerous helpful tools available
  • The app available needs some work. It is fairly new and bugs are still being worked out.
  • The costs can get rather high, particularly for abandoned cart functionality
  • Each plan has imposed limits for online sales. If you pass the limits, you pay a fee and will need to upgrade plans.

BigCommerce vs. Shopify

In the end, when you’re looking to use the best online store website builder platform you need the facts. You need to know how a company might stand against their various competitors.

Both of these companies are considered the top of their game. These are the top 2 providers so it’s only fair that we compare the best. Shopify was established in 2006, while BigCommerce was established in 2009. They aren’t MUCH different in age but Shopify does have 3 years on their competitor.

Both companies continue to see growth but at this point, Shopify does host significantly more online stores than BigCommerce. When it comes to costs, the 2 are nearly identical. Their prices are quite similar, even down to the costs of credit card fees.

Shopify and BigCommerce offer nearly identical features – and the list of features and benefits are extravagantly long. Both companies work hard to integrate as many functional features as they can and to offer the best in the industry.

When it comes down to it, Shopify is slightly more straightforward to set up, particularly when it comes to having multilingual options on your site. Big Commerce is slightly more advanced in terms of security features as well as SEO and marketing functionality.


BigCommerce prides themselves on the support that they offer. They want your experience to be a positive one and they have built their platform around this standard. They understand that you need support when you need it and they certainly don’t want you to sit around frustrated and waiting.

Support can become more inclusive for the higher-grade plans available. No matter your plan, you have access to 24/7 live chat and/or phone support functionality. This means you can get someone anytime of any day, no matter your plan. You also have access to email support as well as a library of video tutorials and the Help Center.

Customer Support Contact Information

You can access the help center directly on BigCommerce. There are features that include news, community, knowledge, and ideas.

You can also access the live chat functionality directly on the website. Higher-grade plans have a representative to contact for additional support.

All of these contact features, including a phone support number, are available on BigCommerce’s website.

How to Use BigCommerce

When getting started with BigCommerce, you can start by accessing a 14-day free trial. This will give you a fair chance to determine whether you like the functionality of the site.

You will first set up an account. From there, you should watch the tutorials provided in order to get started. Some of the features of BigCommerce seem advanced for beginners so it is best to use the tutorials to help you along the way.

Choose your templates and design, get your online store created and then you can add products.

BigCommerce Pricing

BigCommerce has several plans that range from their most affordable standard plan to extensive Enterprise plans that are custom-priced. You can also save 10% of your costs if you pay your subscription annually.

Here is a quick table to break out the costs of the plans.

Plan Name

Plan Cost

Credit Card Fees



2.9% + $.30



2.9% + $.30



2.9% + $.30


Custom Pricing

2.9% + $.30

As you advance through the plans, the primary difference is geared towards your sales volumes. Each plan actually has sales limits. If you go over the limits, there are fees and you are required to upgrade plans as well if it’s a repetitive issue.

There are some additional features for the higher-dollar plans. For instance, if you want abandoned cart functionality you will be required to upgrade to the Plus plan.


Is BigCommerce Ideal for SEO?

BigCommerce is one of the best e-commerce website builder platforms that has extensive SEO and marketing functionality. Their SEO is superior to nearly any other platform.

Does BigCommerce Integrate with Financial Software?

BigCommerce directly integrates with QuickBooks within the software. Since QuickBooks is directly integrated you don’t have to use any third-party sites to connect the data. It’s all right there together.

Is There an App for BigCommerce?

BigCommerce has mobile-friendly functions as well as an available app. You can download an app for BigCommerce that is both Android and iOS compatible. The app gives you full access to your dashboard, including your store and analytical functions.

What Other Types of Integrations Does BigCommerce Have?

BigCommerce has more than 600 integration applications available. These vary greatly but include things like MailChimp, QuicBooks, media tools, email services, and so much more.


Overall, BigCommerce is a highly advanced user-friendly interface that has a lot to offer. They are designed to help businesses grow and the platform is ideal for a business that will continue to grow or have high amounts of sales.