Beginner’s Guide To Using Twitter

We have put together this quick guide to using Twitter as a beginner.

What is Twitter?
Twitter is a social media platform that allows you to stay connected with friends and network with others.

What is Twittering?
Twitter is the act of sending out messages to the public, or to your followers on the Twitter Platform.

What is Twitter used for?

Businesses use Twitter to send out instant updates to their followers and customers. For example, a news publication can reach out and let their audience know that they have posted a new article or press release. The government and law enforcement can keep the public informed of any incidents that need to be shared immediately.

Examples of Tweets

Messages need to be a maximum of 140 characters in length.

@FDNY: At FDNY Block Parties, kids learn that our members are their friends. Teach kids to trust first responders with #FDNYSmart tips

@ConcernedCitizen: We’re out here eating lunch on the patio and filming the storm. The tornado has passed us. #prayers for anyone in the tornados way. Lightning struck in our yard and it almost gave me a heart attack.


It used to be that anyone can follow you on twitter, but now you can make your account private via the settings and filter through requests. For those who still desire to be a part of the conversation, but do not want to tweet to the whole world, there is a safe place to do that.

Setting up Twitter

To use Twitter you must first signup for an account by going to and clicking on “Sign Up” and following the rest of the prompts to sign up.

Add and remove Twitter followers

Search for the user you desire to follow and click on “follow”. To unfollow them go back and select “unfollow”.

Twitter & Marketing

Twitter is an incredible marketing tool that businesses can utilize to grow their customer base and get the word out about their offering.

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