Choosing the Best Church Website Builder

These days every business has a website. If you don’t have a website, it’s time to catch up to the times. Having a website available keeps you relevant. It can make you searchable and it can give people a resource for learning more about what you have to offer.

The same is true of churches, they need websites too! Luckily, there are many church website builder options available on the web to make the job of creating a website simple and straightforward.

A List of the Best Church Website Builders

  • Wix – Best overall website builder with some church templates
  • Sharefaith – Most useful features
  • Ministry Designs – All-encompassing platform for churches & ministries


WIX is not necessarily specifically designed for church websites but they have considerable options available. If you use WIX, you can simply search “church” in the templates area. You will find 9 options specifically designed to help churches design a website. These templates make the process simple.
Through WIX, you can add donation links as well as sharing articles and blog posts. You can also fill out an events calendar and add contact information as well.

  • WIX has some of the highest church builder website reviews in comparison to other companies.
  • 9 design templates to choose from that look great
  • WIX is simple to use with help and support available as well.
  • WIX is an affordable option for those businesses that don’t have a lot to spend on a website.
  • Once you’ve chosen a template and made the site live, you have to stick with your template.
  • Storage space is limited.


Here are some pricing details for you. WIX offers a free plan for those who need it. You aren’t able to use your own domain name through the free plan. They have paid plans starting as low as $11 a month. The increases in price for services are fairly reasonable and you can pick what you need.
Monthly paid plans go up to $39 per month. Most likely, a church website will not need the most extensive plan and can easily have a great site with the $11-$17 plans available.

ShareFaith via WordPress

ShareFaith was designed specifically to give churches options when it comes to creating church websites. ShareFaith is an outreach based platform that allows you to build a unique and beautiful website.
ShareFaith allows you to use website design templates to create your church website. You can engage through graphics and even by adding presentations to the site. You can also set up tithing and donations and access Bible study and Sunday school plans if you choose.

  • This platform makes church websites functional and simple to establish.
  • ShareFaith through WordPress is affordable.
  • You can perform simple maintenance tasks at any time.
  • Designed specifically for churches and integrates numerous things like devotions and tithing options.
  • WordPress third-party plugins may not be compatible with ShareFaith.
  • Design quality may not be as outstanding as comparable platforms.


The pricing for ShareFaith is affordable. However, it is a bit pricier what using the templates available on WIX. The upside is this platform was designed to integrate with churches and provide everything you might need.
Plans for ShareFaith start at $25 per month when you bill a year at a time. If you want the works, the top-dollar site is $79 per month, billed annually. This seems like a costly site option but remember just how much ShareFaith offers as a service.

Ministry Designs

Another best in class church website builder is Ministry Designs. As the name might suggest, this option was built and designed with ministry in mind. The creators have a ministry background and seemingly understand just what you might need for a ministry-based website.
Ministry Designs offers just about anything you might need for a church website. They have many of the standard functions of website builders. You can add blogs, podcasts, and even video backgrounds to your website.

  • Low monthly fee after paying an initial startup fee. No contracts required.
  • All-encompassing website builder designed specifically for ministry.
  • Healthy support options so you always feel like you have help when you need it.
  • Well-designed with all the best tech and features available.
  • Fairly expensive to get started with a $1,000 startup fee.


When it comes to pricing, Ministry Designs aligns with its competitors on monthly costs. The downside is the initial startup fee, but if you can get past that you will be in great shape.
Ministry Designs charges a straight $20 per month fee. There is no adjusting the plan. Everyone gets everything for the same standard price.

Things to Consider in Choosing a Church Website Builder

So when it comes down to it, how do you choose which church website builder to use?

You first need to determine just what features your church needs or wants. You can review many of the best church websites and get a feel for your goals. These church website builders typically even have examples for well-known churches you can look at.

Here are some of the things you should consider for functionality:

  • Can you add your church’s preferred donation or giving option (such as PushPay) to the site?
  • Are you able to archive sermons, add a live stream, and share your church’s podcast?
  • Is there a functional events calendar setup?
  • Is the contact form well-designed for adding location, times, and contact information?
  • What type of hosting features are you looking for?
  • Does the platform have an e-mail feature available?
  • What is the support like? Many churches have to pick their way through the process and need support available.


Are There Free Church Website Builders Available?

There are many free platforms available for any type of website. Some platforms specifically designed for churches are free as well. Keep in mind that many free platforms are highly restrictive and may not allow you much flexibility.

Is Making a Church Website Easy with No Experience?

The great news is that even if you have no idea how to create a website, many platforms offer website design templates to help you through the process. Additionally, nearly every platform has various instructional information and support available to you.


Overall, it’s up to your church to determine which church website builder will work best for you. There are numerous platforms available. Many of them are similar. You simply need to establish a plan and determine the functionality that you need, as well as determining your available budget for the service.