17 Startup Tips Start A Blog Fight

Web entrepreneur and angel investor Jason Calacanis wrote a post titled “17 Startup Tips” that caused a lot of controversies. It was Calacanis’ opinion on how to save money and maximize a startup’s resources. One of the tips that caused heated debate was about firing anybody on your team that is not a workaholic. When it was being circulated the tip got softened to “fire people who don’t love their work…” as a response to the criticism.

On the flip side, some of the feedback was very positive. Like from entrepreneur Mark Cuban who added to the idea saying, “NEVER EVER EVER buy schwag” and “NEVER EVER EVER hire a PR firm”.

The bottom line is that both companies and their employees should sacrifice to contribute to the success of the company. Companies should give honor where honor is due and treat employees fairly. Employees should work hard and feel the weight of responsibility for the company they are working to build as well.

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