Searchnomics 2007

June 27, 2007 Santa Clara Convention Center

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Agenda Program
8:30 - 10:30 AM Keynotes
Bill Tancer, General Manager, Global Research, Hitwise
The State of Search: Can anyone catch Google? How is Internet search behavior changing? Which upstart search engines have a hope of gaining traction? Drawing on the Hitwise sample of 10 million Internet users in the U.S. and 25 million worldwide, Bill will discuss the current trends in the search industry, the viability of vertical and local specific search as well as provide insight into the hottest new search properties from the users perspective.

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James M. Lamberti, Senior Vice President, Search and Media, comScore
Beyond Direct Response: Search's Role in the Media Mix for Branding and Offline Sales Digital Media has grown-up as the "measurable" medium rooted in a direct response heritage. And no single element of digital media has been more direct response oriented than search. While this has lead to tremendous success for many marketers and the emergence of a “search ecosystem” within media, will it take us to the next level? James explores today’s reality and ponders two important questions: Are we measuring ROI appropriately? Are we leveraging search marketing to its full extent? While click rate, CPC, and CPA are important metrics that will remain intact, they alone will not take search to the next stage of growth. Leveraging live data and numerous case studies from comScore, Inc., the keynote will focus on:
-The integration of search within the media mix
-Search's role for the brand marketer
-Establishing the link to offline sales for true ROI

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Melanie Mitchell, Vice President of SEO/SEM, AOL
As search becomes a dominant force in Internet marketing, in-house search marketing commands the attention of the CEO and senior managers. An important consideration when contemplating in-house search marketing is identifying the critical path items that must be addressed. This will provide a solid and diversified search marketing platform with guidelines, documentation, procedures, policies, proven tools and methodologies for use by existing on-site search marketing managers, personnel and new hires. A needs assessment can help you decide whether or not inhouse SEO/SEM is a viable option and what is required to build the team within your company. Everything should point to your business goals. Inhouse search marketing requires a leader with consummate ability to manage change with the primary emphasis on developing your strategy, process development and prioritization of critical tasks necessary to make search part of the overall web development, content management and marketing workflow. Come listen to Melanie Mitchell, VP SEO/SEM at AOL talk about the challenges of developing and managing a large scale search program in a large enterprise level company. She will discuss how search VPs deal with millions of documents, hundreds of thousands of products, multiple regional or local influences, security walls, registration walls, paid subscription walls, editorial guidelines and management egos among other challenges.

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11:00 - 12:00 PM Search Ad Strategies
This session examines ways to maximize your search ad dollars by understanding the differences between the major search ad networks in terms of operations, pricing, reach and other key differences.
Moderator: Bill Hunt, CEO, GlobalStrategies
Dana Todd, Executive Vice President, SiteLab International
Fionn Downhill, CEO & President, Elixir Systems
Ron Jones, President, Symetri Internet Marketing

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Site Search
How do you quantify the high proportion of visitors who 'search first' on any given website? Research on the 'long tail' of search terms on individual sites and the web reveal useful insights on how site search terms are similar to the terms for which web sites should do SEO and PPC/SEM. Learn about the dynamics, trends, and best known methods for effective site search.
Moderator: Miles Kehoe, Dr. Search, New Idea Engineering
Ed Hoffman, Vice President, Sales, SLI Systems

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Web Analytics for Search Marketers
Search marketing and web analytics are tied together at the hip; responsible companies simply don't do one without the other. But web analytics is complicated: the concepts are new, the data is often not pretty, and few people have enough experience with web analytics tools to mine truly valuable insights about visitor and customer behavior.
Eric Peterson, Author, Web Analytics Demystified

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Search Engine Friendly Design
A search friendly site is about improving your findability on the internet. Today's advanced Search Marketer needs to integrate search into the overall marketing mix including design strategies and processes. Discover how designing for search engines can help your web site and bottom line. Learn the techniques, tips, and tricks for effectively designing your web sites to increase their indexability, searchability and findability.
Moderator: Cam Balzer, Vice President, Strategy Planning, DoubleClick Performics
Shashi Thakur, Member of Technical Staff, Google Inc.
Paul O'Brien, Marketing Director, Zvents

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Search & Shopping Portals
Learn how shopping search engines and portals are driving ecommerce by integrating with search engines. Did you know that 37% of all online purchases start with Search? Or, that 25% of search queries result in a purchase directly related to that query? Google and a partner company will describe leveraging Search and other online applications to succeed in eCommerce.
Moderator: Eve Andersson, Technology Program Manager, Google Checkout
Ian Sherbin, Lead Sales Engineer, Google Checkout
Michael Feldman, Manager, Strategic Partner Development, Google
Jeff Wisot, VP of Marketing,

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1:00 - 2:00 PM Successfully Managing a Large Scale SEM Program
This session would focus on developing and managing a large scale search program (paid and organic) in an enterprise level company. With the primary emphasis on developing your strategy, process development and prioritization of critical tasks necessary to make search part of the overall web development, content management and marketing workflow. We will discuss successful tactics for integrating paid and organic search, keyword arbitration and budget allocation techniques. Recommendations for selling search activities to management, developing a scorecard system and how to evangelize to keep search top of mind within the organization.
Moderator: Craig Macdonald, Vice President, Product Management, SEMDirector, Inc.
Kara Jariwala, Search Marketing Strategist, Cisco Systems
Olivier Lemaignen, Group Manager, Global Search Marketing, Intuit
Corey Carrillo, WW Search Engine Marketing Manager, Global Media, Intel Corporation

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Increased Revenue through People-Powered Site Search and Recommendations
Increased Revenue through People-Powered Site Search and Recommendations A publisher's main concern is connecting their audience to the content they need. The publisher's best resource for accomplishing that goal is the audience themselves. But what is the best way to tap into the wisdom of that crowd? There is an emerging set of companies now focused at helping websites and Web publishers harness the collective intelligence of their website audience to generate better site search, helpful content recommendations, and important business intelligence about their most important customer segments. When Web visitors can find what they need more often, almost all website success metrics improve. Harnessing community behavior also allows publishers to match more relevant advertisements to users. Search marketing is then optimized as a major revenue driver using the knowledge of any site's communities. Come hear how these companies are moving search and content discovery relevance beyond semantics and links, toward a new world of anonymous user-actions and behavior.
Moderator: Susan Bratton, CEO, Personal Life Media, Inc.
Levy Cohen, CEO/Founder, Collarity
David Marks, Co-Founder/CEO/President, Loomia
Jack Jia, CEO, Baynote

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Using Web Analytics to Improve Your Online Marketing Efforts
This session will illustrate how web analytics can be used to measure effectiveness of your online marketing campaigns and help create a strategic competitive advantage for your company. You'll learn from real world examples how to meet the evolving challenges that online marketing poses.
Brett Crosby, Senior Manager, Google Analytics

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Travel Search
Travel search started out as a blip on the radar and had trouble making inroads with the travel suppliers, however today travel search engines are now widely accepted in the travel booking space as another customer acquisition channel. New players are entering the space offering features like price alerts, pricing guarantees, group travel, and new ways to search, such as by activity as opposed to just by city pair. This panel will look at:
1) how travel search engines are differentiating themselves from Online Travel Agents (OTAs) like Expedia, Travelocity, Orbitz.
2) the challenges of educating consumers about the vertical and value to the customer.
3) how the major search engines play into their long term customer acquisition strategies.
Moderator: Brian Smith, Founder, SingleFeed
Drew Patterson, Vice President, Marketing, Kayak
Sam Shank, Vice President & GM of TravelPost, SideStep
Mike Fridgen, Vice President, Marketing & Product Development, Farecast

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SEO – PPC Synergies
Recent focus on page quality has forced many Paid Search (PPC) advertisers to reconsider their landing pages, and many are looking towards Search Engine Optimization (SEO) tactics. Is this process of leveraging synergies between SEO and PPC actually such a new thing? What ways are savvy marketers using PPC to help their SEO processes, and visa-versa? Can having multiple listings help or hurt the overall goal of driving converting traffic to a Web site? This session will suggest considerations that come with a holistic approach to search, and allow the panelists to ponder both possible synergies and potential pitfalls.
Moderator: Chris Boggs, Search Strategist, Avenue A | Razorfish
Gary Angel, President, Semphonic
Bill Hunt, CEO, GlobalStrategies
Andreas Mueller, Chief Strategist, Bloofusion

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2:30 - 3:30 PM Building a Large Scale In-House SEM Program
FIM runs a network of over 20 high profile and heavily trafficked web sites. As an in-house centralized department this group provides SEM & SEO for all of the FIM network sites including,,,,, and to name a few. The success of this in-house program has helped propel FIM to the largest network in the US for page views (ComScore US - March 07). FIMs' SEM/PPC efforts have become a key revenue driver with over 2MM keywords being actively managed. SEM/PPC is utilized for many purposes within FIM ranging from new channel growth, traffic for sponsorships and revenue arbitrage. FIMs' SEO efforts have helped build organic search into the largest driver of traffic for many of the sites within our network. It is not uncommon for our sites to get 2x to 5x increases in unique visitors through our SEO efforts. To achieved this it requires a constant commitment to SEO, ongoing evangelism, successfully securing budgets, tracking and scorecards, and integrating best practices in at all levels of the company. This panel will examine the requirements needed to manage a large scale SEM program and more importantly the strategy and tactics necessary to achieve success.
Bill Macaitis, Vice President, Traffic Generation & SEO/SEM, Fox Interactive Media

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Video Search Optimization & Marketing
Learn about the video search and video publishing revolution that is underway and how you can start to target new, untapped audiences of video consumers. This session will help companies understand the importance of the video medium and how it can help to create buzz and increase their reach in new and powerful ways. It will cover the benefits of creating, publishing, and making available your video content, through video sitemaps and video sites, and how search and video will start to play out in this nascent market.
Mark Yoshitake, Lead Technology Program Manager, YouTube and Google Partnerships
Erick Hachenburg, CEO, Metacafe

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Advanced Web Analytics, Tips, Techniques and Best Practices
Web Analytics is about spending optimal amounts on your customer acquisition strategy and making money and improving customer satisfaction - all at the same time! In this active learning session Avinash will present tips, technique and best practices that you can learn and action on your first day back in the office. You have access to intelligent data from your website, why not make the most of it?
Avinash Kaushik, Author, Blogger, Analytics Evangelist

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Local Search & Retail
Consumers are increasingly turning to the Internet to help them make buying decisions, most of which happen offline. Accordingly, "local search" has emerged as an alternative advertising channel for both local businesses and national brands to reach consumers in specific markets. This panel will discuss "the most important vertical" and its growing impact on both consumers and marketers.
Moderator: Greg Sterling, Search Specialist, Sterling Market Intelligence
Sarah Pate, President & CEO, AdMission Corp.
Scott Dunlap, CEO, NearbyNow
Paul Levine, Vice President/General Manager, Yahoo! Local

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One Stop Shop vs. Best of Breed. Successful Strategies to Manage both SEO & PPC
Managing SEO & PPC has become complex. Today, some marketers are opting for a "best of breed solution", utilizing two separate vendors to manage their paid and natural campaigns, while other marketers opt for the “one stop shop” approach with a single vendor. This session will examine the pros and cons of both approaches and shed light on how different organizations are handling it successfully. Speakers will discuss their approach, how they made the decision to work with one vendor or two, and why it works best for them.
Moderator: Jessie Stricchiola, Founder, Alchemist Media
Brian Kaminski, Managing Director, iProspect
Chris Boggs, Search Strategist, Avenue A | Razorfish
Abe Mezrich, Communications Manager, Did-it Search Marketing

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4:00 - 5:00 PM Tools for Search Engine Marketing
A panel discussion on using tools for search engine marketing. More and more you see the offer of search engine marketing solutions for managing PPC buys. Those solutions are primarily a set of tools for keyword analysis, keyword expansion and bid management. This panel will cover three aspects of 'tools': automated systems, a hands-on service model and outsourcing. Come hear the panelists debate the relative merits of their chosen method of managing search engine marketing campaigns.
Moderator: Paul Breummer, Director of Search Marketing, Red Door Interactive
Barbara Coll, President, WebMama Inc.
Reid Spice, Director of Media, iCrossing

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Social Networking, User Generated Content and Search
The new environment of participation online has dramatically changed the search landscape. What has emerged are two axes: users seeking information (e.g. Google) and users seeking community (e.g. MySpace). There is inherently a lot of crossover in these 2 arenas. As an example, tagging websites and services allow users to search for information among like-minded users. Bloggers and blog searches also allow users to find communities of like-minded opinions and tailored information. Also of interest is that these online communities themselves are now some of the largest search engines. MySpace users are not only looking for their own communities online but also are actively searching via MySpace.
Moderator: Jeremy Crane, Director, Search Practice,
Elliott Easterling, VP Marketing & Sales, Red Bricks Media
Matthew Robson, Search Marketing Director, TMP Worldwide
Neil Patel, Internet Marketing Consultant, PronetAdvertising

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Convert Traffic to Customers with Analytics
This track will look into how you can use analytics to convert traffic into customers.
Moderator: Eric Peterson, Author, Web Analytics Demystified
John Squire, Senior Vice President of Product Strategy, Coremetrics
Christopher Knoch, Principle Consultant, Omniture Consulting Group, Omniture, Inc.
Scott Roth, Partner Relationship Manager, WebTrends Inc.

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Shopping Search Engines & Search Engine Marketing
This panel will explore the use of Search Engine Marketing (SEM) by the shopping search engines and whether or not SEM is a sustainable source of traffic. Google has said that it doesn't believe in sending a searcher to another search results page. Many of the vertical search engines make a good portion of their revenue from Google AdSense or Yahoo! Publisher Network ads, but both Google and Yahoo don't think pages with tons of syndicated ads are that relevant. Furthermore, Google, Yahoo, Ask, and MSN have their own shopping sites which they could push a lot more. How do the shopping search engines play in this type of market? What are the strategies for SEO and PPC success? How do the shopping search engines compete with online marketing from the major players in their vertical (eBay, Amazon, Wal-Mart, Target)? How much does SEM matter in the long run for these shopping search engines? What other acquisition strategies have taken off? And in the end, can these shopping search engines survive without traffic from the main search engines?
Moderator: Brian Smith, Founder, SingleFeed
Jon Glick, Vice President of Product Search & Comparison Shopping,
Bob Michaelian, Vice President, Consumer Site Product Development, Shopzilla

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SEO for Web 2.0: Achieving High Visibility in Search Results
Web 2.0 sites rely on search engines to attract visitors and drive traffic to their site. However, getting a Web 2.0 site to rank "well" is not as easy as it seems because there generally is less editorial control and various structural issues can cause lack of indexability. These issues can represent insurmountable hurdles for online visibility but they can be overcome. This panel will address:
-How Web 2.0 companies can increase their traffic and search engine rankings.
-How to open up internal data to the search engines without compromising user privacy?
-How to maximize the spiderability and indexability of web sites
Moderator: Fionn Downhill, President, Elixir Systems
Amit Kumar, Engineering Manager, Yahoo! Search
Greg Grothaus, Software Engineer, Google Inc.

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5:00 - 6:00 PM Keynote
Marissa Mayer, Vice President, Search Products & User Experience, Google Inc.
The future of search including new innovations that give consumers the information they seek at their fingertips.

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6:00 - 8:00 PM Reception & Awards Ceremony