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Apple’s Latest Mobile Phone Designs A Winner

Sep 23, 2013 www.webguild.org
Apple’s CEO, Tim Cook, and its Executive Team recently rolled out a bunch of upgrades with the release on September More»
CHART OF THE DAY: There’s Massive Interest In The iPhone 5 Oct 12, 2012 www.webguild.org
Despite well-publicized problems with Apple's new Maps app and Lightning connectors, consumers are keenly interested in buying the latest iPhone. In fact, nearly one in five consumers said they were "very likely" to buy an iPhone 5, according to Change...More»
The Long-Dreaded Antitrust Case Against Google Looks Like It Will Finally Happen (GOOG) Oct 12, 2012 www.webguild.org
* 4 of 5 FTC commissioners see illegal activity-sources * Google probed for manipulating search results * FTC decision could come in late Nov., early Dec.-sources * Google has denied any wrongdoing WASHINGTON, Oct 12 (Reuters) - The majority of top dec...More»
How to Communicate Customer Value to the Customers Oct 11, 2012 www.webguild.org
This may seem like a topic that keeps coming up every few weeks, but there’s a good reason for it – as much as companies like saying that their clients matter to them, they keep doing things that communicate no such thing. Until everyone gets the b...More»
Intel Cuts Guidance Sep 07, 2012 www.webguild.org
Shares of Intel are down over 2% pre-market after the chipmaker has cut revenue guidance. The company sees Q3 revenue of $12.9 billion-$13.5 billion vs. expectations of $13.8 to $14.8 billion. The key commentary: Relative to the prior forecast, the co...More»
Instagram’s Employees Felt ‘Slighted’ By ‘Premature’ Billion Dollar Sale To Facebook, Report Suggests (FB) Sep 07, 2012 www.webguild.org
Facebook has officially bought Instagram. Now what? Over on TechCrunch, ace Facebook reporter Josh Constine says he expects to see a number of Instagram's twelve or so employees flee Facebook as soon as they can. He says he's heard that some of In...More»
This Apple Blogger Makes $500,000 A Year (AAPL) Sep 07, 2012 www.webguild.org
Daring Fireball is a must-read blog for Apple shareholders, employees, and the many, many "fans" of the company. Software developer Jon Gruber has been running Daring Fireball by himself, from Philadelphia for the past 10 years. Things are going well. ...More»
Apple Wants To Launch A Pandora-Killer (P) Sep 06, 2012 www.webguild.org
Apple wants to launch a streaming radio service like Pandora, Evan Smith and Jessica Vascellaro of the Wall Street Journal report. The company is reportedly in talks with the music labels to license music for such a service. The new radio service would...More»
BII REPORT: The US Smartphone Revolution Is Already Entering The Late Innings Sep 06, 2012 www.webguild.org
To listen to some mobile industry executives and investors tell it, you would think the smartphone revolution was just beginning. In the United States, however--one of the more mature smartphone markets--we're actually already entering the later inning...More»
Social TV Is All About the Big Game Read Jul 27, 2012 www.webguild.org
Socializing the television experience is an attractive proposition for content owners and marketers alike—as well as for many viewers who More»
Rush Limbaugh Comes To Apple’s Defense Jul 27, 2012 www.webguild.org
Talk show host Rush Limbaugh is the lastest person to come to Apple’s defense regarding its Q3 earnings. Limbaugh said, More»
Sheryl Sandberg Said “Sponsored Stories” 36 Times In 20 Minutes Jul 27, 2012 www.webguild.org
As Wall Street analysts kept asking Facebook management how they are going to make money, its COO Sheryl Sandberg kept More»
Facebook Bombs Despite WallSt Low Bar Jul 27, 2012 www.webguild.org
Facebook’s lackluster earnings and disastrous earnings call sent its shares spiraling down 25% from yesterday’s open, hitting an all time More»
Massive Cisco Layoffs Coming Jul 26, 2012 www.webguild.org
I blogged about the Cisco layoffs on June 26, everybody laughed saying that it was not possible. CNBC confirmed it More»
Symantec CEO Fired Shares Soar Jul 26, 2012 www.webguild.org
Symantec Corp. (SYMC), shares soared 17% on the news that it had fired its CEO Enrique Salem. It was the More»


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