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The WebGuild is an all-volunteer organization. We are, therefore, always looking for enthusiastic volunteers who wish to contribute to making the organization better. There are several ways you can volunteer your skills, talents, and time to the WebGuild.

Currently, we are looking for individuals to fill the following key position:

Finally, for those who may only be able to contribute at the meetings, we are looking for help with some of the organizational aspects of running the meetings, greeting speakers and vendors, welcoming attendees, and facilitating networking among the members. Please contact us if you can help in this capacity.

We are a very open organization, so the best way to get involved is to volunteer. If you have an idea for something you'd like to do come talk with us and usually we will help you bring your idea to fruition. Since we are a completely volunteer-driven organization, it is difficult for us to manage a large number of volunteers who want to be directed to do something. In fact, we don't like the idea of managing volunteers at all. After all, we're not trying to simulate "work." So use your creative side, dream up an idea that you think would help you and your fellow Silicon Valley internet professionals, then let us help you build a team and get it done.