Squarespace Website Builder 2022

The Squarespace website builder features the most visually stunning design templates that offers an intuitive blog editor.

  • Price starting at $12
  • Best website builder for image-based websites
  • No storage or bandwidth restrictions

The online store and website creator market is growing by the day and is making the process of creating quality websites a lot easier. Today, individual business owners can now make the website of their choice with close to no training or experience. Whether these individuals are looking to create a website to display their content, or are looking to create a store to sell their goods, they can now create competent websites with the help of these services. And one of the biggest websites builders is Squarespace.

Now you may be wondering what Squarespace is? Well, in this guide we will go over Squarespace as a website building service, who is it for, and the many features that it offers.

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What is Squarespace?

Let’s start by answering the question on your mind right now, ‘what is Squarespace?’ Squarespace is an intuitive website building tool where you can both create and publish the website of your choice. With minimal hand-holding and no coding, you can create a professional-looking website with some of the best features in the market.

To create a website without the help of tools like Squarespace, people would have to download specific software and bring out lines of HTML and CSS code to make a somewhat competent website. And although most developers still support making website through this software and code, the truth is that it is very time-consuming. Why write down multiple lines of code to make a webpage, when you can just go to a site like Squarespace and create one there with minimal effort?

These site-building platforms are incredibly convenient for smaller brands and businesses. You don’t need to know code of any sort to create a webpage or even make changes to it. And while the older methods of programming and coding give much more creative freedom to developers, convenience trumps everything else for smaller businesses and brands.

Who is Squarespace for?

Squarespace is a massive platform that is great for all sorts of businesses of varying sizes. It is truly versatile in both its features and its pricing, ensuring that people get exactly what they pay for, nothing more, nothing less. Whether you are an individual looking to bring your writing or creative skills to the world, or someone who is looking to sell their products online, Squarespace has you covered.

Now the price plans of Squarespace are very welcoming to smaller brands and companies. Their cheapest plan is worth $12 and is great for bloggers as well as content creators. From there, the price increases, and so does the availability of the features. The most expensive plan they have is worth $40 and offers all of the features and designs present they have available. But more on these pricing models later.

Even bigger companies can find Squarespace useful with their intuitive website building software and the eCommerce functions that it also provides. These features all combine to make an amazing experience. In fact thanks to the intense versatility of Squarespace, it is a great software for companies of different sizes to use.


A website builder is nothing without the features that it offers to its fellow customers. And with the incredible reputation that Squarespace has, it is packed with multiple features that make the overall experience of creating a new website incredibly fun. Moreover, these features make the website more competitive. So without further ado, let’s look at all features that Squarespace offers.

Multiple Templates

One of the best features that Squarespace provides is a multitude of different templates. Now true, they may not have a lot of templates, but they do have active editing of their templates. With the help of active editing you can change up the template considerably and really make it your own. The best part about these templates is that they are made with modern devices in mind, which means that they work great on computers and mobiles.

Active Template Switching

A feature unique to Squarespace is that of template switching. Most website builders have this problem where you may have to change up the font for the descriptions present on the website to change the template. However, Squarespace allows you to switch your templates without changing anything else on your webpage. This can be great when choosing the right template or changing to a more seasonal theme.
Customizable Content Layouts
With their intuitive layout engine, you can easily change the layout of your content and customize it the way you see fit. Whether it be for blogs, pages, posts, and even sidebars, as long as it’s on your webpage, you can edit and change it.

Unique Fonts

Not only do they have great layouts and templates, but Squarespace also has some of the best fonts in the website building market. They have multiple fonts from Google’s font library and Adobe’s font library. All of these fonts include the ones that come with the templates and styles, which means you can really change things up.

Video Backgrounds

A new style that has popped up recently is that of video backgrounds. And through Squarespace, you can actively implement this feature on your website. They make for a great visual design and a very powerful aesthetic choice.

Packages and Pricing

Squarespace is a very economical choice for most website builders, thanks to its many packages that provide different features. Each package has a different price and different utility as compared to others.

Personal ($16)

The Personal package is one that is great for content creators and various small brands and individuals. This package includes all of the fonts and styles that you would need as a smaller creator and offers them at an economical price.

Business ($26)

The business package is an upgraded version of the personal package, which has more font options and templates. This package also has many features specifically for bigger companies like the advanced analytics tools and promotional pop-ups and banners. This package also comes with integrated eCommerce, but each transaction has a fee of 3%.

Basic Commerce ($30)

This is the go-to package that individuals looking to sell online should get. This package comes with all of the features of the business package but has powerful eCommerce analytics tools like Instagram advertisements and point of sale.

Advanced Commerce ($46)

Advanced Commerce gives you more creative control over the marketing and selling side of your business with things like gift cards, discounts, shipping, API of inventory. These all combine to make an amazing package great for bigger companies looking to go in the long run.


Here at WebGuild, Squarespace is one of our personal favorite website builders to choose from. We’ve spent hours researching and testing Squarespace and even more hours looking into most other website builders on the market to compare how to measurers up. Read our in-depth review here.