Jimdo Review

Complete beginners can feel confident to use the affordable Jimdo website builder for their small business.

  • Price starting at $9/mo
  • An AI builder assists in getting your website up in minutes

The Jimdo Website Builder is a popular platform people use to create different kinds of websites (blogs, ecommerce sites, and so forth). Read on for a full-fledged review on the Jimdo Website Builder.

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Pros and Cons

  • The Signup Process Is Very Straightforward – The fact that you can get it up and running is one of the best features of Jimdo. Registering and signing up for the platform is a very straightforward process, which entails creating an account, verification of your details via your email. Next, you can select the website builder you would wish to use.
  • Search Engine Optimization Friendly – One of Jimdo’s biggest advantages is that you can optimize your site for various search engines. The backend provides you full control over page elements like description, page title, and URL (Uniform Resource Locator). Furthermore, they also make use of SSL-encryption that happens to be a significant ranking factor for all of the search engines. If you require further understanding on this subject, the Jimdo’s ranking coach tool (paid) can further assist you to comprehend Search Engine Optimization.
  • Ease of Use – The Jimdo website builder is suitable for complete beginners. You can edit and add elements with a few clicks. Moreover, the style menu is a splendid tool for website wide modifications such as font colors and or size. This helps tremendously to save time and makes the process of editing very straightforward.
  • Lack of Credit Card Gateway in the Online Store – Although the Jimdo website builder boasts a pretty good integrated online store, it is unfortunately not the best choice for you if you are a seller in the United States of America. The predicament is the lack of availability of a credit card gateway. Currently, you can only provide PayPal or manual payments.
  • Template Restrictions – Template restrictions are a problem with the Jimdo Website Builder. Not only is there a limited choice available when selecting templates, but these templates might not be the best.
  • Jimdo Customer Service – When it comes to Jimdo’s customer service, this platform provides support through social media, email, FAQ sections, and its knowledge base.

Jimdo, however, does not feature a live chat, phone, or website restoration option. But you do get answers to your queries which are to the point, concise and very clear. Furthermore, Jimdo’s knowledge base is very useful, as well. It includes an assortment of images, text, and videos to assist you in solving your problems. Overall, if you have subscribed to any of Jimdo’s paid packages, you get better and more detailed customer service compared to those who signed up for the free version of the website builder.

How to Use the Jimdo Website Builder?

Using the Jimdo Website builder to construct your website is an easy 3-step process:

Step 1: Selecting a Jimdo Template

After clicking the free website button on Jimdo’s official website, select a template you like. You can choose from a variety of templates including business, portfolio, online stores, and personal templates

Step 2: Editing the Template

Once Jimdo’s website builder has loaded, you can delete, edit, upload, and modify any block or element from anywhere on the webpage.

You can also add new elements like maps, shares, subscribes, third party apps, store items, etc. To add a new element, position your mouse on the upper edges of any block, and the ‘+ Add Element’ will automatically appear.

Step 3: Publishing your Website

The final step is to click “Publish” after you have finished editing.

How Much Is the Jimdo Website Builder?

The Jimdo Website builder has various packages, which are as follows. Apart from these paid plans, Jimdo also offers a free version of their website builder. This, however, has limited features.

Annual Plan
$9/mo $15/mo $19/mo $39/mo
Monthly Plan
Domain (after the 1st year)
$20+/yr $20+/yr $20+/yr $20+
Annual Cost, from
$108+$20/yr $180+$20/yr $228+$20/yr $468+$20/yr
Best for
Personal Sites SMB’s Accepting Online Payments Growing Online Stores


Jimdo FAQs

Is Jimdo safe?

On the security front, Jimdo provides password protection for your website. Furthermore, it provides an extra layer of security in the form of HTTPS encryption for your website, which makes Jimdo a safe platform to use.

This technology ( HTTPS) ensures that the connection between your website and browser is secure and safeguards the information of your visitors when they use your website.

Is Jimdo Creator or Jimdo Dolphin better?

Jimdo Dolphin and Jimdo Creator are two ways of creating your website
Jimdo Dolphin is an Artificial Design Intelligence (ADI) solution. All you need to do is answer a couple of queries regarding the type of site you would like, and the Jimdo Dolphin will construct the site for you.
The Jimdo Creator is a complete editing interface that you can use to resize things, add in your content, and drag components into various positions.
It all comes down to what your needs are when deciding whether Jimdo Creator or Jimdo Dolphin is the better option for you.
Jimdo Creator is for you if you want to be in full control over different things such as your website’s aesthetics, layout, and content. On the other hand, Jimdo Dolphin is your best bet if you want a quicker platform for website creation. You can pull elements from current websites or social media onto your new website immediately. However, this platform is limited in terms of how much editing you can do.

Can you use tools & plugins with Jimdo?

Jimdo is fully compatible with various tools and external plugins (these are plugins from outside of Jimdo).

Can I edit my Jimdo website on a mobile device?

Yes, you can. Jimdo allows users to design a site, alter headlines, add posts, upload images, and fiddle around with various layouts, all from their mobile devices (smartphones). This enables you to edit your Jimdo Website on the go easily.


When you consider everything, the Jimdo Website Builder is a great platform to create your website and ticks almost all of the checkboxes. It is especially recommendable if you want to create a small business or personal website and are looking for an easy to use and affordable tool to do so.