HostGator Review

Gator is an easy-to-use website builder that offers templates geared towards eCommerce, blogs & portfolios.

  • Price starting at $3.84/month
  • Easily customizable templates
  • Has the best customer service

HostGator has been a mainstay in the hosting landscape for a considerable amount of time. It is highly respected for having numerous servers and excellent reliability. Mostly, people know HostGator to be a hosting provider. However, with time the company has proved to be much more than that as it evolved as time passed by.

Several shared data hosting companies are present these days due to the abundance of people diverting their businesses’ attention to the digital side. They provide budget-friendly options to their customers; however, when you compare them to HostGator, their features and functions are not as good in comparison. HostGator billing might be slightly expensive than its cheaper alternatives, but it is remarkably more useful. Helpful support and strong infrastructure is a couple of things that HostGator offers best, and no one comes even close to comparisons.

If you are looking for a service that offers excellent features in basic shared hosting, go for HostGator. Free website template, excellent control panel, and unlimited disk space are just a few things where you will find HostGator to be heads and shoulders above the rest. It also provides flexibility for adding various add-ons for improving productivity, security, and privacy. Semi or non-technical users benefit from HostGator the most, especially because of its flexibility. HostGator offers Windows hosting and VPS hosting to fit your needs.

HostGator falls somewhere in the middle when it comes to pricing. Although its live chat and customer service are highly responsive, you will need to pay extra money to get prioritized responses. Apart from being a good-shared hosting service, HostGator is also a great website builder. You can create a new website from scratch without having any prior knowledge about it. In case you face any trouble with your website, the admirable customer service is always there to help you solve your issues by answering your queries. With an uptime of 99 percent, you surely cannot go wrong by choosing HostGator.

In this HostGator website builder review, we will also discuss some of its pros, cons, usability, and billing.

Pros and Cons

  • Easy usability – You do not have to be an expert developer to create a website with this service’s website builder. The control panel is user-friendly and has all the necessary options to give you full control of your website. In addition, with site transfer and migration features, things become remarkably easier.
  • Reliability – HostGator has been present for a long time and is the go-to choice for many users for their web hosting and website building needs.
    Online security has become extremely important these days. Data going into the wrong hands can spell trouble for anyone. HostGator’s online privacy integration tools come in handy in these kinds of situations as they protect your website from viruses, bugs, and hackers, etc.
  • Shared hosting – You will especially benefit from this service if you happen to own multiple websites. It is also an extremely economical option for small website owners and bloggers.
  • Cost – Despite its superiority to other services is most ways, some people find HostGator to be slightly expensive, the hidden costs do not do any favors either. HostGator billing charged setup fees separately. However, the service has done away with these charges lately.
  • Speed – Sometimes you may have to wait a minute or two for a page to load. Although it does not sound like a big deal, the slow response time can sometimes get on your nerves. This usually happens when there is a lot of traffic on the website.
  • Lack of dedicated servers and VPS server plans – It is quite surprising when you consider how much this company focuses on improving convenience for their customers. However, the ones that are on offer, despite being limited, are more than useful.
  • Billing – the simpler the plan, the costlier it gets for the long run.

Is Using HostGator Easy?

Absolutely, as mentioned earlier in this HostGator website builder review, semi or non-technical users benefit from HostGator website builder the most. Its simplicity and flexibility lets them explore several options and choose the one that suits their needs the best. You can always get help from the first-rate customer service if you face any kind of trouble. They will guide you through the process patiently until you get it right. You can even get prioritized responses from the customer service team by choosing advanced plans.
Signing up with HostGator is as simple as it gets. You might find it to be more detailed than other services, but it is for your own good. All you have to do is provide our basic information, payment methods, and choose your plans to get started.

Hostgator Billing

The following are the HostGator billing plans:

Hatchling Plan

This plan costs 2.75 dollars per month. It is for users looking for a single domain. SSL certificate and domains come free with this plan. You will also get unmetered bandwidth.

Baby Plan

The baby plan costs 3.95 dollars per month. It has all the benefits of the previous plan with the addition of unlimited domains.

Business Plan

This plan comes in highly recommended at the monthly price of 5.95 dollars. With it, you will get all the features in the hatchling and baby plans with the addition of dedicated IP, positive SSL upgrades, free SEO tools, and more.


With so many benefits and first-rate versatility, it is hard to turn down HostGator. Its website builder especially is among the best out there. Sure, you may find some faults with HostGator, but they will not bother you as much when you consider the other aspects where the service is benefitting you.
If you want to build a website, you have plenty of options available today. However, different website builders cater to different types of users. If you are someone new to website building and are looking for user-friendly and straightforward designing features, HostGator might just be the right thing for you.