Hostagor Website Builder 2022

Hostagor's easy point and click website builder is for those needing a simple solution.

You will not find an easier or better way to create a website without the help of the HostGator website builder. It is an excellent solution for creating a website with a simple click and point website editor. Because of its simplicity, you will be able to create a website that looks professional and works smoothly in a matter of minutes. Some of the notable features of a Gator website include payment gateway, shopping cart, and blogs, etc. The best part about all of this is that you will not require any web development or coding experience.

The functionality and excellent features of the HostGator website builder are second to none. The gator website offers you more than one hundred options for choosing a template for your website. These templates are compatible with mobile phones too. Their designs are professional, and you will love the variety that you have at your disposal. Of course, you can always choose one that is unique to your style.

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Who Is Hostgator for?

Hostgator comes in handy for a wide variety of website owners because of its user-friendly features, excellent plans, and first-rate pricing. However, beginners are the ones who benefit from it the most. The reason for that is simple. The HostGator website builder allows them to create a website with the greatest of ease. Moreover, the gator website has excellent customer support, which comes in handy for people who need answers to their queries quickly. The response team has an excellent response time and does not make you wait for an hour or days. It helps you proceed with your work quickly and create your website in the shortest time possible.

Hostgator’s prices are another thing attracting people towards it. People looking to make quick and easy websites usually do not require extra features. Therefore, it makes no sense to pay for them. Several website builders trap their customers with their sly pricing techniques into paying extra money for features that they may not require.

Hostgator, on the other hand, knows that more and more people require websites for their businesses no matter how big or small their business is or how tech-savvy they are or aren’t. Therefore, they make sure that everything is priced nominally for people who are new to website building. There are special plans for those who want extra features. Also, some nominally priced plans are available for them.

The gator website has been the people’s choice for a long time and for a good reason. Keeping aside the excellent hosting and website building services, Hostgator’s customer support based in the United States is heads and shoulders above its competitors. You can email, call, or chat with their customer support representatives at any time of the day.

Coming back to website building, the web development tools of this service provide quick and efficient access to multiple features. The Quick Install access is especially worth noting as it lets you install multiple custom scripts like Weebly and WordPress in quick fashion. All the tools (including the drag and drop feature) are conveniently placed in the cPanel for the ultimate website building experience.


As we have discussed numerous times. Hostgator provides its users with a plethora of features for improving their website’s functionality. Let us discuss some of the service’s most notable features.

Security Features

Online security is a must if you want to protect your data from going into the wrong hands. Hostgator is well aware of that and provides its users with several options to secure their website to make it impenetrable from hackers and viruses. The HostGator website builder provides several security plug-ins. These plug-ins are easy to integrate and perfect for securing your website.

The gator website also provides SSL certificates (secure socket layer), which you can see on the top left of your URL. If that part is green, it indicates that your website is safe to roam. The red on your website’s URL indicates danger and also means that the website does not have an SSL certificate.

Hosting Features

As the company’s name implies, it is primarily famous for its excellent hosting features. Web hosting is necessary to get your website up and to run on the internet. Hostgator provides several carefully designed plans to ensure that they meet your demands.

Email Features

Using a domain for hosting emails is what people immediately look for once their websites go online. Hostgator provides G Suite for this; however, you also have the option of hosting emails by yourself with HostGator’s server.

Hostgator Cpanel Features

The HostGator website builder provides its users with an all-access control panel that contains swift options for website building.

Cloud Features

Hostgator’s cloud hosting feature offers customers excellent scalability, performance, and reliability. Your cPanel features will be present in the cloud, and the loading speed of your pages will increase by tenfold.

Ecommerce Features

Beginners will love the gator website’s e-commerce features as the e-commerce website builder lets you create a website that will be perfectly suitable to the current online marketplace. You can also manage your inventory with the convenient tools that Hostgator offers for e-commerce website building.

How to Use the Hostgator Website Builder

Building a website is as easy as it gets with the HostGator website builder. All you have to do is log in or sign up into the billing portal. Access the hosting tab by clicking on it and manage your desired package for hosting. Once the next page appears, go to the website builder card and click on learn more. After that, choose a plan that would best suit your requirements.

And then click on the buy now or build now to proceed. In the next step, you will need to select a domain and press the continue button. Choose a template suitable for your brand, after which, you will be redirected to the website building editor for publishing and editing on your website.

Packages and Pricing

The following are the current deals that the gator website is offering for its website builder.

  • Starter Plan: 3.8 Dollars per Month (This includes SSL Certificate, Web Analytics, Customer Support, Custom Templates, Domain Name, Free Hosting, Drag and Drop builder)
  • Premium Plan: 5.5 Dollars per Month ( This includes everything in the starter plan with the addition of priority customer support)
  • eCommerce Plan: 9.22 Dollars per Month (Everything is in this plan with the addition of eCommerce Functionality)