Constant Contact Website Builder Review

Constant Contact's Artificial Intelligence guides beginner users in creating a custom website builder in a matter of minutes.

  • Price starting at 0
  • Live chat support
  • Provides content suggestions and access to free images
9.1 / 5

Website builders have gained quite the traction over the past few years. Going from a niche service to a massive web development service that has some of the biggest websites, they have garnered quite the massive audience. And among the many website builders, a lesser known is Constant Contact.

Better known for their email marketing service, they have recently dived into the website building market. So with multiple website builders now available in the market, is this website builder the next big thing or is it just another major company making claims that they can’t handle. In this guide, we will go over the many pros and cons of using constant contact, its ease of use, and the billing options.

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Pros and Cons

As with any website builder, there are pros and cons that come with the service. Since no website builder is perfect, they instead cater to a certain niche of the market. Therefore, here are some of the pros and cons of using the constant contact website builder.

  • Customer Support – One of the major advantages of using the Constant contact website builder is its robust and inclusive customer support features. You can contact their team of experts to ask for help on any problems that you may be facing and they will be sure to help. Constant contact is also very diverse in how you contact these experts, as you can call them, email them, or even chat with them live
  • Incredible AI Features – Constant contact is one of the many website builders that make use of A.I in order to give a better user experience. However, few website builders come close to the sheer creativity of constant contact and its use of A.I. With the help of A.I, constant contact is able to help you build a better website. The advanced A.I gathers information about the website that you want, and manages to create a website centered on your brand along with images and various other forms of content.
  • Ease of Use and Easy Customization – While the A.I certainly makes the process of creating a good website almost seamless and easy, the website that the A.I creates is also very easy to customize. You can then add new pages and make changes to the overall format. In addition, if you do not like the changes you made, just revert them with the undo button. You can also choose from various web pages that the website’s AI builder generates.
  • Template and Layout Designs – As a website builder released in this incredibly competitive market, Constant Contact comes with many different layouts and designs for you to choose from. These designs go far beyond just templates and layouts, as you can customize every part of the template. Through this wealth of customization, Constant Contact manages to swing past the lack of many designs. However, through the incredible customization, no two people will have the same looking website.
  • Blog Feature – While Constant contact is a very competent website builder, it is first an ecommerce website builder. This focus on ecommerce websites isolates people looking to create a good blog website. As of now, the blogging features in constant contact are somewhat lackluster, which means that if you are looking to create a blog, this isn’t the website builder for you.
  • The Price – The price has been a very controversial point in Constant Contact, as the price to performance ratio is not very good. The features that constant contact offers, although plentiful and certainly impressive, is still less for the price. Moreover, with other website builders like Wix and WordPress offering so much more for less or about the same price, Constant Contact makes for a hard sell.

Is Constant Contact Easy To Use?

Constant Contact is a website that provides multiple features to the people looking to make their mark in their industry. In addition, their major demographic is of people that are not experts in web development. One of their competitive edges is to provide an easy to use a website builder for the average small business.

Customer Support

One of the key selling points of Constant contact is just how accessible it is thanks to the customer support options. While most things on your webpage you can easily move around with the help of a drag and drop feature, sometimes people will need a little more help. First-time developers can find guides and various other resource materials to help them through the process of making a good website.

Another great thing about customer support is the options available there. People that are looking to get answers that are more specific can call on a toll-free number to talk to an expert or can chat with an expert about the problems they are facing.

The Signup Process

Signing up with Constant Contact is very simple. All you need to do to signup is add your information like name and email address, and then you can move onto making your website. A common question that people ask is whether they take credit card information when signing up. And the answer is no. The first sign up is free, but if you want more advanced features, you will have to pay for the other packages. And only when you pay will you need to provide your Credit card information.


As we discussed earlier, constant contact is not the best when it comes to their pricing model. There are only three different pricing models including the free version. The other two packs are the starter and the business plus pack. The biggest difference between the free and paid packages is the lack of ads in the paid version and the addition of more features.
The business plus plan costs almost $20 and the starter pack costs $8. The Business plan comes equipped with unlimited storage, unlimited products for sale, priority support, and even no transaction fees, whereas the starter plan allows you to list 10 products for sale, and you will be subject to 3% transaction fees.


Despite the few cons of constant contact, the pros clearly outweigh the cons. Constant contact is a competent website builder that has some great features and is an amazing launching pad for small businesses looking to make their own website.