Web Inventor, Tim Berners-Lee, Creates Foundation To Improve Web

Founder of the web, Sir Tim Berners-Lee created an organization that seeks to better the world wide web. His foundation strives to 1) continue to make the web open and free for all its users. 2) Continue to expand the web’s power as far as capability and robustness are concerned. 3) Extend the web’s goodwill and benefit for all humanity.

The foundation will fund different projects that are in line with its vision to improve on the web. They have funded projects such as Web Science and Research, Web Technology and Practice, and Web for Society.

In an interview with BBC Berners-Lee shared his thoughts.

“Has it been designed by the West for the West?” asked Sir Tim.

“Has it been designed for the executive and the teenager in the modern city with a smart phone in their pocket? If you are in a rural community do you need a different kind of web with different kinds of facilities?”

The Web Foundation will also explore ways to make the web more mobile-phone friendly. That would increase its use in Africa and other poor parts of the world where there are few computers but plenty of handsets.

The Foundation will also look at how the benefits of the web can be taken to those who cannot read or write.

“We’re talking about the evolution of the web,” he said. “Perhaps by using gestures or pointing. When something is such a creative medium as the web, the limits to it are our imagination”.

The Foundation will also look at concerns that the web has become less democratic, and its use influenced too much by large corporations and vested interests.

“I think that question is very important and may be settled in the next few years,” said Sir Tim.

“One of the things I always remain concerned about is that that medium remains neutral,” he said.

“It’s not just where I go to decide where to buy my shoes which is the commercial incentive – it’s where I go to decide who I’m going to trust to vote,” he said.

“It’s where I go maybe to decide what sort of religion I’m going to belong to or not belong to; it’s where I go to decide what is actual scientific truth – what I’m actually going to go along with and what is bunkum”.

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