SocialPilot Review

SocialPilot is a social media management tool for businesses that focus their marketing efforts on Facebook.

  • Price starting at $25/mo
  • Content creation and custom curated feeds
  • Convenient messaging tool allows you to see messages across all platforms in one place

SocialPilot is one of the top social media post managers for solopreneurs and large businesses alike. Its dashboard is designed to make it easier to manage several different social media accounts, across multiple platforms. You can coordinate and schedule posts, as well as receive several measures of how successful your social media campaign has been.

Social Pilot is one of the best social media tools for business, but it’s also just one tool among many. In this Socialpilot review, we’ll look at what it does and how it compares to the other major social media tools.

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SocialPilot vs Other Social Media Management Tools

While this isn’t a comprehensive list of the social media management tools you can get, it should help to give you a sense of how this social media manager compares.
Each category is rated on a 10 point scale. All of these companies are popular and effective tools, which is why the scores tend high.

SocialPilot Sprout Social Loomly Hootsuite
Customer Service 8 7 8 6
Ease of Use 8 8 9 7
Features 9 8 9 7
Values 9 8 9 7

Overall, SocialPilot performs pretty well compared with some alternatives, but that still doesn’t mean it’s the right tool for you. Let’s look at the pros and cons of this manager so you can make an informed decision.

Pros and Cons

Like any software, Social Pilot has some things it does particularly well, and others that can be slight weaknesses. But it’s important to keep in mind how you use social media. Social Pilot’s Facebook publishing tools might be a huge advantage for some businesses, and entirely unnecessary for others.

  • Advanced toolkit for Facebook
  • Easy social media scheduler
  • Customizable analysis of post-performance
  • Performance metrics are platform-specific
  • Affordable Pricing
  • No alert if you post queue fails
  • Can be difficult to post to Instagram
  • Doesn’t feature social media response aids
  • Don’t worry, we’re going to go into more detail in just a moment. Since this is one of Hootsuite’s competitors, you can expect a similar level of versatility and functionality. However, Social Pilot usually gets better reviews from users who focus on Facebook or manage lots of posts at once.

Since SocialPilot is a reasonably priced program, it can also reduce your social media management costs.
If we had to go head to head, Social Pilot vs Hootsuite, we’d probably have to give Social Pilot the win. It’s just a more varied and more function product.

The one place SocialPilot loses points is in its Instagram interface. While it can work with Instagram, scheduling posts and designing them for the platform is more difficult than other social media platforms. If a large portion of your social media plan relies on Instagram, you may be better served by one of Social Pilot’s competitors.

On the other hand, Social Pilot is one of the better platforms for Facebook management. Its tools make it easy to pick the best time of day, target your best audience, and even boost posts for wider viewership. All without leaving Social Pilot’s platform.


Social Pilot’s customer service is mostly online. They offer two ways of getting assistance. The first is their document library that will help point you in the direction of solutions for specific problems. That library is pretty open for access, and you can look at the content before signing up for SocialPilot.
Feel free to spend some time in this document library, it can provide information long before you encounter a problem and help you avoid them.
The other is their customer service support line online. This can be accessed at any time. But, unfortunately, there does not seem to be a phone line for customer service support. If you’d like to contact Social Pilot’s support team, they can be found here.

How to use Social Pilot

While an in-depth look at Social Pilot can best be done using their 14-day free trial, we can take a look at some of the features and functions here.

SocialPilot has a fairly intuitive user interface. The Dashboard is easy to navigate and clearly labeled.

It makes it easy to see the accounts you’re using, how much you’re using Social Pilot in general and provides handy shortcuts to other key features.

Once you’re ready to create a post, it gives you the scheduling and creation tools you need to cross-post and otherwise manage where your content is going.

They also have an impressive suite of analytics tools, each fine-tuned for the relevant platforms. These tools will let you evaluate the success of your social media campaigns and get to the content your followers are most likely to see and interact with.

SocialPilot Pricing Is affordable

Social Pilot’s pricing schedule is pretty easy to understand. They offer several membership levels from relatively small accounts to large business sized accounts. Each plan has a monthly price and an annual billing price.

Professional Small Team Agency Enterprise
Annual $25/mo $41.66/mo $83.33/mo Not Disclosed
Monthly $30 $50 $100 Not Disclosed



What does Social Pilot do?

Social Pilot is a lot of things, but chiefly it’s one of the best social media marketing tools. That means it offers media management, and works as a productivity tool, while also making it easier to manage multiple accounts.
Some features include:

- Post calendars and scheduling
- Collaborative environments
- Analytics
- Cross-platform posting
- Platform-specific reporting
- Curated content
- Much more

Is Social Pilot Free?

No, if you want to use Social Pilot you will need to subscribe to one of their membership levels (see the price table above). However, SocialPilot does offer a free 14-day trial that allows you to see if their features and functionality is a good fit for your business.

Will Social Pilot work with Instagram?

Social Pilot does work with Instagram, but it’s not as well optimized for that platform. You should probably expect to spend a few extra minutes on posts designed for Instagram. We recommend that if Instagram is a large part of your social media plan, and Facebook isn’t, you may want a different social media marketing manager.

SocialPilot Reviews

Overall SocialPilot is a good tool for the price. It offers a wide suite of features and functions, works with each social media platform individually, and makes social media optimization much easier.
That said, this program is best for companies that make extensive use of Facebook since that’s where the analyzers and post scheduling work best.