Sendible Review

Sendible is the most feature-rich social media management tools on the market

  • Price starting at $29/mo
  • Easiest to use social media marketing tool
  • Most useful reporting & analytics features

Sendible is an all in one productivity tool designed to work well with a wide variety of different social media platforms. It’s a reasonably effective tool for medium-sized teams and can be highly effective for larger corporate social media teams.
While this platform may not have had quite as much attention as some of the others, like other Hootsuite competitors it’s worth taking a closer look. After all, when you’re looking at the best social media marketing tools, the devil’s in the details.
We’ll take a close comparative look at this app. While we’re not going to go into a ton of head to head comparisons, we have also provided a ranking for some of the key performance factors.

Hopefully, by the end of this article, you’ll not only feel more familiar with this software, but you’ll also have a better sense of whether this is the right program for you.

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How Sendible Compares to the Competition

We’ve taken some of the biggest social media management tools out there to compare with Sendible and see how it ranks.
Our numbers are based on user reviews and experiences. We’ve rated each of these programs on a 1-10 scale. While none of these metrics will tell you the strengths and weaknesses of these programs, it will give you a better sense of where Sendible sits compared with the other productivity management tools.

Sendible Sprout Social Hootsuite eClincher
Customer Service 9 9 7 9
Ease of Use 8 9 8 7
Features 8 8 7 9
Value 8 8 7 9

Overall, Sendible is pretty comparable with the other programs on our list. Since we’re looking for versatility and total customer ratings, we tended to see a lot of results from larger teams and corporations.

With that in mind, we do want to point out that Hootsuite, which is the lowest-performing social media optimizer on this list, does perform significantly better when it’s used by individuals and small teams than it does with larger teams and corporations.

Pros and Cons of Sendible

  • Easy to configure and set up
  • Lots of demos and other resources
  • Well optimized calendar system
  • Frequent updates
  • New feature releases are common
    • The mobile app is a little glitchy
    • Can be tricky to add new team members
    • Instagram connections are glitchy and difficult to use

Sendible vs Hootsuite

These two programs make for an interesting comparison.
Sendible has more features and functionality, but it can’t connect to as many different social media platforms as Hootsuite.

Hootsuite is more affordable at the lower subscription levels but significantly more expensive as you subscribe to higher levels of their service.

When it comes to the quality of the user interface, updates, and other features between the two programs, it often seems to come down to personal preference rather than actual quality differences.

Sendible Support

Sendible offer several support levels. You can get online support through their main website. Alternatively, you can place a call to them, the US support line is (+1) 646 233 0357.

Alternatively, you can request a demo for yourself and your organization. That way you get a more in-depth look at the program and can do some troubleshooting and problem solving before you face an immediate problem.

How does Sendible work?

Sendible’s main dashboard is its priority message system. You can fully customize this feed to show only the information most important to you. From here, you can easily navigate to other tasks and information tabs. But, unlike Hootsuite and some competitors, you don’t have easy access to your other social media optimization tools on your Dashboard.

Analytics are also dynamic and easy to interpret. Looking for keywords, and other important post success information is easy and reasonably intuitive with Sendible.

It’s also easy to choose which social media outlets are going to get a post or to choose them for the purposes of analytics. While Sendible works with a smaller number of social media platforms, you can expect it’s a Facebook toolkit and other platform tools to be more in-depth as a result.

As a tool for larger social media management teams, Sendible also makes permissions and authority easy to assign. You’ll also be able to assign specific team members to tasks, responses, and anything else that needs immediate or specialized attention.

Far from the last feature, you’ll have to try the program to learn about them all, Sendible also provides detailed analytics for individual platforms.

Sendible Pricing:

Starter Traction Growth Large
Price $29/mo $99/mo $199/mo $299/mo

Sendible’s pricing is roughly in line with that of its competitors. But we find that there are cheaper alternatives in the smallest subscription ranges. At a higher level, Sendible remains competitive but can be a little spendier than some similar alternatives.

Sendible FAQs

Does Sendible have an app?

Yes, Sendible does have an app. But, it’s function can be somewhat limited. On average, Sendible’s app is glitchier than the main program. It’s also more difficult to create post drafts and other essential functions in the app.

Will I be able to cancel my free trial easily if I need to?

Yes. Like most of these programs, canceling a free trial, or even your main subscription is relatively simple. We don't recommend canceling until the end of your trial, however. Like other feature-rich programs, it takes a little longer using Sendible to get used to what it can do, and how to do it.

Is Sendible easy to use?

This seems to largely be a matter of opinion and preference. Sendible has neither the worst nor the best UI in the social media management apps. We don’t think that Sendible is a difficult program to use, but it’s not the easiest program either.


Overall, Sendible is a good and workable program. Its solidly consistent, and offers regular updates to it’s UI and features. While Sendible doesn’t stand out in any one respect the way some programs can, like Social Pilot’s advanced Facebook interface, it also doesn’t have the pitfalls of many programs.

If you’re looking for a good social media content manager and productivity tool for your team, don’t have any highly specialized needs, and don’t want to deal with frustrating glitches or updates, Sendible is a solid option.