eClincher Review

eClincher offers the best-priced social media management tool for those looking for a scalable platform that will grow with their company.

  • Price starting at $59
  • Best customer service support
  • Most scalable social media management tool

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eClincher is one of the more robust and customizable social media schedulers on the market right now. It’s quickly earned a reputation as one of the best social media marketing tools. As an advanced option, it provides subscription levels for solo social media managers through to large corporations with a large and dedicated social media team.

Like the other productivity tools and media management software on the market, eClincher has a variety of pros and cons to its software.

Its diverse set of tools are well worth a second look. But, as we dive into the merits of this program, we’ll be examining whether it’s truly worth the cost of its subscription.

How eClincher Compares to the Other Social Media Management Tools

For this ranking, we’re going to look at eClincher compared with other popular social media optimization tools. We’re not looking at eClincher’s pricing quite yet, that’ll be addressed later. But we will consider the overall value of the program and service.

We rank with a 1-10 point system. But, since we’re comparing some of the best social media tools for business, you should expect the numbers to skew high.

eClincher Sprout Social Loomly Hootsuite
Customer Service 9 8 9 7
Ease of Use 7 8 9 8
Features 9 8 9 7
Value 9 8 9 7

As you can see, eClincher performs pretty well across the board. Its main failing is in ease of use. That’s because the user interface is complex and can take a good bit of getting used to. Everything works and is reasonably streamlined, but there are so many options it takes some adjustment.

Pros and Cons of eClincher

  • Monitors customer engagement
  • Collaborative environments
  • Multi-account management
  • Post scheduling and management
  • Auto-posting
  • Complicated interface
  • Some posting issues with Linkedin


eClincher’s primary support is through a live-chat on their main website. Here you can ask questions and get help quickly when you run into a problem.
That’s also where you’ll go to contact them if you want to set up a live demo to help get your staff on board and ready to use eClincher.

How to use eClincher

Auto-posting makes it easy to recycle and send some of your best old content back through your social media queues.

Meanwhile, the post scheduler and draft process are simple and intuitive. You’ll be able to assign drafts to specific publishing dates, or just to see when you need to produce new content. Since the environment is also collaborative, you’ll be able to see the posts other members of your team are pushing or have scheduled.

The drafting page also makes it especially easy to add eye-catching graphic elements to your posts.
eClincher also collects the messaging from all your accounts into a single inbox. That makes it simpler to see and respond to your followers, no matter where or when they reach out.

You can also add tags to messages. Each message can be tracked by individual tags, which also allows them to be sorted and prioritized for response.

Of course, when you’re looking at any social media optimizer, one of the first questions you want to ask is about the quality of the built-in analyzers.

This is one of the places where eClincher customers, and others, really stand out. Whether you like the analyzer is a good predictor of whether you’re going to consider this a good tool.
Ultimately there is a lot of information to be found here, but the presentation isn’t as easy to read or as clean as some alternative programs. If you want to use eClincher’s analytics systems, expect to spend a little more time on interpreting and working through the data.
That said, they do provide lots of powerful information. You just have to know how to find and use it.

Clincher Pricing

Overall, eClincher’s pricing is roughly in line with the pricing of similar apps and product suites. It’s neither more nor less expensive, but that may put this product out of the budget of some smaller companies and solopreneur use.


Overall we think that eClincher is a solid tool and a good alternative to Hootsuite. Its interface makes a little more sense to us than Hootsuite, but doesn’t compare to more streamlined alternatives like Social Pilot, Sprout Social, or Loomly.
But, it’s also one of the most feature-rich alternatives. eClincher provides a lot of information and many different tools to look at the success of your posts.
We do want to note, eClincher still has the same problems with Instagram that most social media management programs have. It can also run into occasional issues with Linkedin but is otherwise consistent.