WebGuild Annual Conference 2006: Web 2.0 — The New Web


This article talks about the WebGuild Annual Conference in 2006 and lists all the speakers who spoke at the event. The pricing structure is also mentioned.


The theme was “The New Web” with focus on the user. The conference featured the best minds in the domain of user aggregation and user experience. These individuals shared their thoughts and best practices for creating a positive user experience, marketing strategies and monetization.

Why Attend?

The event was a fantastic opportunity to learn about best practices, new innovations to building and expanding a user base and monetization strategies.

The conference provided a rich networking and learning environment for those involved in usability engineering, Search Engine Optimization, design, web analytics, internet strategy, internet marketing, and web architecture.

The conference was also an ideal opportunity to learn from industry experts and pioneers and interact with fellow colleagues and future leaders of the web.


These were the speakers present at the conference

Dana Todd (SEMPO)
Dave Williams (360i)
Massimo Burgio (Global Search Interactive)
Seamus McAteer (MMetrics)
Bill Wise (Did-it)
Gord Hotchkiss(Enquiro)
Jamie O’Donnell(SEO-PR)
J. Stricchiola (Alchemist Media)
Stephen Benedict (AOL)
Jeff Whatcott (Adobe)
Mike Rowehl (Mobile Monday)
Kanishka Agarwal (Telephia)
Niall Kennedy (Independent Expert
Ram Shriram, Founding Member, Google Inc. and Sherpalo Ventures ( Keynote Speaker)
Marissa Mayer, Vice President, Search Products & User Experience, Google Inc ( Keynote Speaker)
Safa Rachtchy (Piper Jaffray)
Jared Spool (UIE)
Bambi Francisco (CBS MarketWatch)
Bill Scott (Yahoo!)
Kelly Goto (gotomedia)
Scott Isaacs(Windows Live)
Om Malik (Business 2.0)
Pamela Mead (Yahoo! Mobile)
Reshma Kumar(VeriSign)
James Speer (IAC)
Pradeep Javangula (Tumri)
Andreas Mueller (Bloofusion)


The cost for Early bird registration (extended until September 12) was $175 for non-members and $139 for members. Price for regular registration (after September 12) was $239 for non-members and $198 for members and finally on-site registration was $299.

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