iPhone 3G – Twice the Speed at Half the Price…Sort Of

This article talks about the new Apple iPhone that Steve Jobs announced today. The pricing structure of the phone is also mentioned.

Apple’s new iPhone, announced today, is a remarkable device, and news of its amazing features is making rounds across different forums. The iPhone is genuinely an exceedingly powerful internet-enabled device with speeds of data transfer matching those of Wi-Fi. Apple has also stated that it will slash down the price of every phone to 199 dollars. These cuts are supported by several hundred dollars in grants, which carriers will fork out for every unit.

The tricky part about the iPhone’s pricing is that carriers are going to increase data services costs from 20 dollars per month to 30 dollars per month. For any reasonable to heavy user, this will be well worth it. However, this also means that those who have the iPhone will spend 720 dollars during the contract’s life (bear in mind this is only for data services). The amount of 200 dollars that you pay less for the new Apple phone will be counterbalanced by the surplus 240 dollars over the current charges, though you will observe quick service.

As a part of his keynote address at WWDC 2008, Steve Jobs (Chief Executive of Apple) made the announcement today. It is expected that the new iPhone 3G will be made available to the public from the 11th of July.

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