Facebook To Settle With Original Founder

Facebook settled on a lawsuit case that rewarded the original founders of Facebook, Divya Narendra, Tyler, and Cameron Winklevoss.

Mark Zuckerberg worked on the idea for Facebook with Narandra and the Winklevoss brothers back when they all went to Harvard, and the founders claimed that Zuckerberg had stolen the idea from them. They had claimed that they hired him to work on their idea of an online dating site, collecting names and photos of offline facebooks and publishing them on the web. Their company was called “ConnectU” and was specifically aimed at Harvard students. Zuckerberg was unresponsive for several months while he worked on the idea himself, eventually launching facebook.com instead.

The lawsuit was an embarrassment to Zuckerberg and questioned his ingenuity and originality of his own company. However, it did not seem to derail the company too much and Zuckerberg continued on in his success.

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