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Social Graph and Search

Eurekster, Collarity, and MahaloImpact of the Social Graph on Search and Discovery
The social graph has brought new meaning to social search. The impact of various levels of human influence on search has always been present but the latest developments incorporating the social graph and friends' actions is creating a buzz. Can the social graph make for better search and discovery? Is it a reliable means for search and recommendations? Are your friends the best source of search relevance and subject authority for what you're looking for? Come hear the latest developments of how both explicit and implicit user activity is driving better search results, recommendations, and ad targeting.

Social Media Group Discussions.

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Shawn Gold, Former SVP, Marketing & Content, MySpaceModerator: Shawn Gold, Former SVP, Marketing & Content, MySpace
Shawn Gold is CEO of newly formed, SociaApproach, a social media advisory. Formerly, he was head of marketing and content development for MySpace, the global social networking Web site, which has over 200 million registered profiles and 115 million worldwide visitors. Gold has 15 years of experience in digital marketing and content strategy, including serving as publisher of WeblogsInc, the largest publisher of professional blogs on the Web. He was president and chief strategist of Intermix – bringing the online entertainment network to profitability and making it the most popular on the Web. Additionally, he headed marketing and communications for WHN, an ecommerce company that provided marketing services to the 2002 Olympics, ABC, NBC, Comedy Central, MTV and Fox.

Steven Marder, CEO & Co-Founder, EureksterSteven Marder, CEO & Co-Founder, Eurekster
Steven is CEO and a co-Founder of Eurekster, a leader in social search technologies. Through nearly two decades in traditional and digital media industries, Steven has garnered significant experience as a serial entrepreneur, business development/corporate development executive, venture catalyst and attorney. Steven co-founded and is on the Board of enterprise search company S.L.I Systems, co-founded Gramercy Venture Advisors, co-founded Metropolis Records and was co-founder and Chairman/CEO of eMemberDirect, Inc./PetPlanet.com. Steven served in executive roles at Double Impact, Compton´s NewMedia/ Tribune Company and EMI Music. Steven is a graduate of Columbia College/ Columbia University and St. John´s School of Law.

Mark Jeffrey, CTO, MahaloMark Jeffrey, CTO, Mahalo
Mark Jeffrey is a serial entrepreneur and author. He is currently CTO of Mahalo.com, Inc., a new human-powered search engine backed by Sequoia, CBS, Newscorp, Elon Musk and others. In 2001, he co-founded business social networking company ZeroDegrees, Inc. and sold it to IAC/InteractiveCorp in 2004 with more than one million registered users. His podcast novel "Max Quick Book One: The Pocket and the Pendant" has received over 1.8 million downloads to date. He also was the co-founder and CEO of SuperSig, Inc. in 1999, an html email company with customers including Williams-Sonoma, ITXC (a VoIP company), and Yahoo / Launch Media.

Levy Cohen, CEO & Founder, CollarityLevy Cohen, CEO & Founder, Collarity
Levy Cohen has more than 20 years of experience in operations, software development and marketing in high-tech companies. He has founded several successful software companies. Prior to joining Collarity, Levy was CEO of RightOrder, a company that addressed fundamental challenges related to structured and unstructured data for enterprise applications. Levy was also CEO of Licom, a private company that founded and managed high-tech companies in Israel among them one of the early ISPs. Additionally, Levy was president of ISG Israel, part of ISG International Software Group that acquired his earlier company, Hadran. He holds both a bachelor’s degree in computer science and in economics from Bar-Ilan University in Israel.