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SEO for Web 2.0

Web 2.0 is making the entire internet a giant community by connecting communities of users together. User-generated content can quickly grow a web site to vast dimensions in little time. Web 2.0 companies depend heavily on communities and viral marketing to drive traffic to their sites. However, Web2.0 sites need to rely on search engines to attract visitors as well. But getting a Web 2.0 site to rank "well" is not as easy as it seems because there generally is less editorial control and various structural issues can cause lack of indexability. These issues can represent insurmountable hurdles for online visibility but they can be overcome.

This event will focus on:
  • How Web 2.0 companies can increase their traffic and search engine rankings.
  • Why all content can't be tucked away behind a membership login?
  • How to open up internal data to the search engines without compromising user privacy?
  • Structural barriers limiting indexability and maximizing the spiderability of web sites.
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Adam Lasnik, SEO Strategist, GoogleAdam Lasnik, SEO Strategist, Google
Before there was a public Internet, Adam was e-mailing. Before there was Netscape or Internet Explorer, he was surfing the Web. He's written comprehensive search engine optimization reports, managed sponsored ad campaigns for Fortune 500 companies, and provided broad communications consulting to successful startup companies. Adam earned MBA and law degrees -- focused on Global Electronic Communications and Commerce issues -- and then moved to Germany to serve as an entrepreneurial consultant to a multinational IT company. Grateful for the international experience but fascinated by the burgeoning American dot.com scene, he hopped over to San Francisco and joined the high tech PR firm Niehaus Ryan Wong as an Interactive Strategist, helping clients understand and leverage the power of online communities. When the dot.com boom turned to bust, Adam spent the next years broadening his online communications and advertising chops with a mix of small and large companies. In 2006, Adam became Google's first Search Evangelist, dedicated to building stronger relationships between Google and Webmasters.

David Hahn, Director of Advertising, LinkedInDavid Hahn, Director of Advertising, LinkedIn
David directs LinkedIn's advertising business and manages several strategic product initiatives, including public profiles. LinkedIn's public profile system helps users publish their profiles on the web, so that they can be found by search engines and referenced by a custom url. David also designed and implemented LinkedIn's profile-targeted advertising system, creating a new targeting paradigm for advertisers. Prior to LinkedIn, David served as an aide to Senator Dianne Feinstein in Washington, D.C. and a fellow at The Carter Center in Atlanta.

Joelle Gropper Kaufman, Vice President of The Experience, Engage.comJoelle Gropper Kaufman, Vice President of The Experience, Engage.com
Joelle joined Engage Corporation in 2006 as Vice President of The Experience. She is the Engage concierge, responsible for creating and delivering the most natural, compelling and useful online community experience that enables members to discover new possibilities for serious relationships. Over ten years ago, Joelle was a Director of the Firefly Network’s product and account management teams, led licensing and integration with BarnesandNoble.com for Firefly, was CEO of Lifespire, and led marketing and sales development for technology companies such as Reactivity and RSA Security’s Developer Solutions Group. At Engage, she is refocusing on enabling people to communicate and collaborate in the journey of creating meaningful relationships and love. Joelle earned her BA in Organizational Psychology (Studies) from the University of Michigan and her MBA as a Baker Scholar from the Harvard Business School.

Andreas Mueller, Chief Strategist, BloofusionModerator: Andreas Mueller, Chief Strategist, Bloofusion
Andreas' roots are firmly planted in global marketing. He began his career in 1989 at Seagram & Sons in San Francisco, marketing wines from France and Germany in the US. He taught himself UNIX, familiarized himself with the high tech sector and, in 1994, was hired by the French software firm Esker as VP of International Marketing with Esker's offices in France, Germany, the UK, Spain and Italy. In 1997 Andreas joined the staff at JSB, a UK software company located in Scotts Valley (near San Jose) as their VP of Marketing. In 2001, Andreas became the co-founder and strategist behind Bloofusion, an online marketing agency that enables companies to take advantage of search engines, turning web sites into effective sales and marketing channels. Andreas frequently participates in seminars and moderates panels that focus on SEO. He has a bachelor's degree from Alma College (Michigan) and a master's degree from the University of California, Davis.