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Brent H. Woodworth: Worldwide Segment Manager: IBM Crisis Response Team

Mr. Woodworth is the manager of IBM's worldwide Crisis Response Team and has been with IBM for 26 years. He has worked closely with business leaders, elected officials and heads of state throughout the world in the development of improved risk identification, disaster management and global humanitarian relief services. Brent is responsible for the development and implementation of IBM's Crisis Response Team services in 60 countries and has responded to over 70 major global disasters. Mr. Woodworth represents IBM's corporate risk & insurance interests in providing disaster preparedness, mitigation, response and recovery services to all of IBM's manufacturing, marketing, and administrative sites worldwide. Brent and his team are also responsible for the delivery of IBM's Humanitarian Relief Services during times of global crisis.

IBM Crisis Response Team services are delivered to subscribed commercial and public sector customers anytime and anywhere a disaster occurs. Brent's team has proven their skills in multiple disaster situations including: the Oklahoma City bombing, floods, earthquakes, tornadoes, hurricanes, fires, volcanic eruptions, ice storms, civil unrest, hazardous material incidents, and the NY WTC disaster.

Brent is certified in disaster recovery planning, crisis management, disaster communication, and emergency medical services. He is a regularly featured speaker on radio and television broadcasts along with corporate meetings and industry conferences. Brent has written several articles on disaster management and has been a guest lecturer on the subject of disaster preparedness and recovery at colleges and universities including Caltech and Harvard Law School. The Miami Herald, Computer World, Wall Street Journal, New York Times, BBC, ABC, and CNN are among the news media groups that have interviewed Brent on the subject of disaster preparedness and response. Brent was appointed to the U.S. Congressional subcommittee for the development of the national pre-disaster mitigation plan, and was named to the board of the U.S. Multihazard Mitigation Council in Washington DC. Brent has also represented the interests of U.S. corporations at the New Zealand, Australia, and United States government emergency management agency summit.

Brent's international experience includes responding to multiple catastrophic events. A brief sample of his international response efforts include the following incidents:

Colombia: Earthquake

Brent and his team assisted the government of Colombia in feeding over 200,000 people and managing an extensive recovery effort following a 6.2 magnitude earthquake in the city of Armenia. Brent worked closely with President Pastrana and his military leaders in developing programs designed to accelerate recovery efforts, reduce costs, and maintain public support.

Turkey: Earthquake

In August 1999 a 7.4 magnitude earthquake struck Turkey killing over 15,000 citizens and leaving 300,000 homeless. The IBM Crisis Response Team developed and implemented a system to manage the receipt, inventory, distribution, and tracking of all incoming disaster relief medical supplies and drugs. The IBM team handled donations from 67 countries in multiple languages. Brent and his team managed hospital and medical warehouse operations across eight cities and military bases. The relief management solutions developed and implemented by Brent and his team enabled critical medicine to reach disaster victims in time to significantly reduce suffering and save lives. The IBM system is now the standard for tracking medical supplies throughout Turkey.

Ecuador: Volcano

In Ecuador the IBM Crisis Response Team responded to the threat of continued eruptions from the "Guagua Pichincha" volcano bordering the capital city of Quito. Systems were developed to support rapid evacuation needs and coordinate critical logistical operations.

Venezuela: Floods

December rains brought Brent and his team to Venezuela. Brent worked with President Chavez and his military leaders to support over 150,000 homeless following extensive mudslides and the widespread destruction of highways and infrastructure.

India: Earthquake

On Friday, January 26, 2001 a 7.9 magnitude earthquake struck India. The following week Brent led his team and a group of volunteers into the city of Bhuj at the epicenter of the earthquake. The IBM team reviewed the damage and set up operations in eleven cities, checkpoints, and ports-of-entry. The earthquake affected over 12M people leaving 30,000 dead and 600,000 homeless. IBM services including tracking the receipt and distribution of donated goods along with organizing and managing critical hospital medical supplies. The IBM support system became the backbone of operational support utilized by officials of the India government along with responding NGO's and UN agencies. The government of India expressed their strong gratitude to IBM and requested the medical tracking system as a standard in all hospitals throughout the State of Gujarat

El Salvador: Earthquake

In El Salvador, President Flores commended the IBM Crisis Response Team for their liaison assistance in dealing with multiple foreign agencies and providing sound operational advice following the January / February 2001 earthquakes. Brent and his team are working with government ministers in the development of long-term plans designed to reduce the impact of future disasters. Brent is also working with the Government of Taiwan in the development of sustainable disaster management systems and national preparedness initiatives.

Peru: Earthquake & Tsunami

On June 23, 2001 a major earthquake struck Peru. Three days later Brent and his team were meeting in Lima with the Ministry of the President, Director of Civil Defense, and the Chief of Staff of the Armed Forces. Brent and his team spent the next several days working with government officials reviewing and enhancing disaster relief operations throughout the affected area. Agriculture and logistics specialists were brought in by the IBM team to help address salt-water crop damage and high altitude road closures. IBM Crisis Team recommendations were rapidly implemented and work has begun with the Inter-American Development Bank on the creation of improved disaster management control systems and practices based on IBM's recommendations.

NY World Trade Center: Terrorism

On September 11, 2001 the World Trade Center towers were destroyed in a terrorist attack on the United States. Brent and his team began working with the City of NY emergency management department within a few hours of the event. Brent and his team provided consulting advice on disaster response coordination, communications, and recovery based on his multiple incident experiences including the Oklahoma City bombing. Secure wireless communication systems were distributed along with customized disaster management applications to handle facility management, logistics, disaster relief, and fatality tracking. Brent and his team worked closely with the office of the Mayor, the Governor of NY, the military and multiple federal agencies as a key resource operating within the emergency operations center.

In April 2001 Brent was named by Contingency Planning & Management magazine to their "Hall of Fame" for his distinguished industry leadership, dedication, and international humanitarian efforts in reducing the impact of global suffering whenever and wherever disaster strikes.

In April 2002 Brent was named a Computerworld Honors Laureate recipient for leading IBM's on-site recovery efforts at the City of NY Emergency Operations Center following the 9-11 World Trade Center disaster. In May 2002 Brent was elected at Chairman of the U.S. Multihazard Mitigation Council and named to the board of the National Institute of Building Sciences (NIBS).

Education Background

University of Southampton, England: Archeology
Cal State University, Northridge: Biochemistry
University of Southern California Marketing Management

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