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Why Sponsor
WebGuild is the premier organization for web professionals. Our blog readership consists of key decision-makers and practitioners in the web industry. Your sponsorship puts your company in front of the most influential group of professionals in the web industry.

WebGuild Traffic


Audience Demographics
WebGuild Audience

  • Web Technology - AJAX, CSS, SaaS, Web Applications, PHP, MySQL, Adobe AIR
  • Web Usability - User Experience, Web Site Optimization, LPO, A/B Testing
  • Web Marketing - Search Marketing, Search Engine Optimization, Social Media, Web Analytics, Blogs, Wikis, Social Networks, Online Video
  • Audience Breakdown:
  • 42% Senior Management. Defined as positions at the vice-presidential level or above who are the decision-makers.
  • 41% Technical/Design. Defined as any non-senior management position with a technical or design focus.
  • 17% Freelance. Defined as independent contractors, service providers, self-employed and entrepreneurs.


How It Works
A sponsor's blog occupies a permanent place in the "Sponsor Posts" area of the site for the duration of the sponsorship. The latest blog post from the sponsor site appears sponsor section along with a logo image that links to the sponsor's site.

Monthly rates start at $1,000 month. A minimum period of three months is required.

This sponsorhip is exclusive for the blog. It does not include event or conference sponsorship.

Special Promotion (Valid until June 1, 2008)
For 6 months starting from the day of inception the first 3 sponsors will get reduced rates upon signing a one year contract.

#1 70% 300 1,000
#2 50% 500 1,000
#3 30% 700 1,000

For sponsorship opportunities, please contact us at svwebguild@gmail.com.